Brilliant Shoestring Glow Night Light LED Dog Collar

LED Night Light Circular Pendant Decor Clip-On For Pet Dog Collar ($2.04 + free shipping)
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The is waterproof, impact resistant, and visible up to 3 miles away. Best of all, the fastens anywhere on your dog’s collar via a clip or hook-and-loop strap (both included). It’s like a mini flashlight on your dog’s collar. We’ll not only use this on dog walks at night, but also when we have power outages (like during Hurricane Sandy). We might even take it on a late night run.
Adjustable Safety Pets Dog LED Flashing Night Light Nylon Collar USB Charging S-XL
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LED Lighted Dog Collars - Water Resistant - Durable, Flexible Illuminated Glow Pet Collars

Keep your furry loved ones safe, seen and protected - strong LEDs will keep your dog/pet visible to you, other people and cars at night. Keep your dog safe and seen and Give your dog a cool glowing look.
Shipped From USA - Delivery 2-5 Business Days
Efficient LED ( 50,000 hours ) – Visible up to 1000 feet in the dark Eco friendly Green Product
4 sizes S/M/L/XL - 7 different colors to choose from Red/Yellow/Orange/Blue/Green/Purple/white
Three different light modes: 1) steady light 2) fast flashing light 3) slow flashing light
Two CR2032 Changeable battery included
Stainless steel D-ring – On/Off button with LED Light Bulb With 3 modes (steady, slow flashing and fast flashing ) – Heavy Duty side release buckle
LED Dog Collars are the perfect way to keep your dog safe and seen, also gives a beautiful cool glowing look to your dog. With the LED Dog Collar it’s very easy to see your dog at night time and in Dark visibility conditions along city streets, off leash in the park, on your property, or out in the countryside. This lighted dog collar is perfect for walking at night.
Photo provided by FlickrAdjustable Safety Pets Dog LED Flashing Night Light Nylon Collar USB Charging S-XL
Photo provided by FlickrDouble-Glow-Striped Night Light LED Dog Collar
Photo provided by Flickr
This step by step tutorial of how to make a homemade led light up dog collar project is simple to make and is a great way for your dog to be seen at night.An LED night light collar with a unique double-striped look, designed to help you keep track of your dog and make him stand out with high night visibility, you'll love this addition!Cheap usb laptop light, Buy Quality light usb hub directly from China usb red light Suppliers: Adjustable Safety Pets Dog LED Flashing Night Light Nylon Collar USB Charging S-XLOur LED dog collar Keep your dog safe and seen at night, the LED Light up Dog collar provide a great way to keep an eye on your dog when it’s dark and also Give your dog a cool glowing look, Available in 3 sizes and 7 different LED dog collar colors Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Purple and White.Zebra Pattern Pet Dog Waterproof LED Lights Flash Night Safety Nylon Collar Adjustable -- Additional details at the pin image, click it : Collars, Harnesses and Leashes1 Quick Release LED Lights Pet cat Dog Collar Leads safety harness Training Glow necklace lighting Large For Dog Refer to Size chart Below to Insure B... #bright #flashing #adjustable #safety #night #collar #nylon #lightWe tested about another half-dozen nighttime visibility products that didn’t meet our satisfaction; the wouldn’t have even earned one paw on our rating scale (on page 12). One light-up collar we rejected was weighted down with a cucumber-sized battery pack. One could plug the collar into a charger to recharge this large battery, which is a cool feature, but you’d have to overlook the fact that a dog wearing such a device could get a sore neck from the weight of the thing!2pcs Pet Dog Cat LED Flashing Collar Safety Night Light Pendant Spring Clip Red Description Specifications: Push button switch 2 Modes:Glow and flash ... #pendant #spring #clip #light #night #collar #safety #flashing