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The Lush Coating line-up uses ingredients like calendula flower extract and rosemary leaf juice in the shampoo to add bounce and shine to your dog’s coat. Evening primrose oil in the conditioner helps to strengthen dry hair and decrease shedding and silk amino acids in the spray help plump hair, all combining to provide a lusher coat.
Provides texture, natural shine and density to your dog's coat!!! Pure Paws Texturizing and Thickening Spray from the Texture Line.
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The K9|essence™ Shine Conditioning Coat Spray is safe for use on a daily basis. After bath or walks, towel dry, then apply directly onto the coat while damp. Gently massage into your dog's skin and coat. Do not rinse. For daily use and between baths, apply as often as needed directly onto coat. Use to detangle and moisturize when grooming. BioSilk® For Dogs Detangling & Shine Spray helps to detangle fur and loosen knots. It leaves the coat with a natural, healthy looking shine.
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"I love love love my Calm Coat spray for my horses. Nothing works as well to condition my horse's coats, manes and tails, without attracting dust and dirt. I don't have to worry about greasy products getting on my hands and reins. I can spray, wipe or brush in and be done. It is a wonderful product. I also use the topical spray on everything with hair at my house-the horses, the dog, the cat, and even myself. Seems to work well on knicks and bug bites. What is the biggest difference between the all natural spray and the regular calm coat spray (the one in the taller, larger bottles, tropical scented)? This spray works great on my dog too. I use it a couple times a week on the horse and dog anytime I need a quick dusting off. Thanks again for a great product."
"Will the small animal detangler and shine work any better on my dog than the equine spray?"
-Amy P½ cup Vinegar to a quart of water sprayed onto the coat of a dog works like a vinegar hair rinse. Their coats gleam! An extremely economical alternative to expensive show shine products.CHI For Dogs Straight Coat Spray is designed to help smooth, straighten and soften your dog’s unruly coat. It also adds texture and shine to your dog’s fur.
Use Instructions: Spray dog from back of ears to tail, carefully avoiding eyes. Massage into coat and gently brush through for best results. Repeat as necessary. Can be used on wet or dry fur.
Water, Silk Protein, Soy Protein, Panthenol, Minerals, Fragrance "To have good coat, you have to start internally, especially in warm climates. Without healthy skin, inside and our, you can't expect the dog to be able to carry a decent coat. I think a male can be kept in good show coat year round, but it gets hard with a cycling bitch. It's important to be sure there's enough fat in the food you're feeding. I like to focus on the Omega 3 fats to improve coat. I like to bathe my dogs weekly, in lukewarm water, using EQuss Equine Shampoo. I find it keeps the dog's skin really clean. I know some people don't like to bathe their dogs that often, bur I think the Newfoundlands benefit from the frequent bathing. I use a white vinegar rinse after bathing. The vinegar seems to help prevent skin problems, and keeps the coat really clean because it removes any soap film. It makes the dog shine. I also use the EQuss Micro-Tek medicated spray on dogs with problem areas, like hot spots or rashes. I use a cool dryer to blow the coat. It stimulates the skin and doesn't dry the coat, causing it to break. Never brush a dry dog either. Instead, mist it lightly with water before brushing. Rather than a big trimming right before a show, I like to trim a little weekly. Done weekly, it takes less than 10 minutes to trim the nails, feet and ears. I like to maintain a light grooming on the body as well. I know some people don't like trimmed dogs, bur all my clients like their dogs kept very neat. I find the trimming encourages coat growth."