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Dog Clothing and Accessories
Americans spend more than $30 billion annually on their pets, and big bucks can be earned by designing, making and selling designer duds for dogs. Sweaters and rain jackets are sure bets to become top sellers, but dog lovers around the globe are also buying designer doggie hats, goggles, shirts, booties, scarves and even Halloween costumes for their beloved furry friends. The criteria for getting started are minimal--design skills, sewing skills and equipment, patterns, and a bit of gumption to get out and pitch your fabulous designer fashions for mutts and pedigrees alike to pet shop retailers, especially if your ambitions are to establish wholesale accounts with chain and independent pet shop retailers. If not, there are still many ways to sell direct to dog owners. These include exhibiting and selling at pet fairs, online sales via dog-related websites, mail order sales supported by newspaper, catalog, online and magazine advertising, and establishing a doggie clothing boutique at home or in a retail storefront location. As dog owners know, word travels fast amongst dog owners, and when a great product for a pet is found, he or she is quick to spread the word to other dog owners.
can visit the websites of manufacturers or range of dog's clothing's stores.
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First thing to keep in mind is that not all clothing for small dogs are created equally. Different brands of clothing have their own idea of what they consider Small, XS, XXS, etc. Just because you own a sweater in XS that fits your little dog perfectly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the dress you love in XS will fit also. Sometimes, clothing from the same brand may even run differently in terms of sizing. The best way to determine sizing is to pay attention to the weight chart or measurement guide often offered on a websites “Product Description” as seen . See the list of websites that target the keywords
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There is not much of a distinction between the purchase of clothing for people and buy . You should make a proper study to do both. Since you have multiple series and multiple types of costumes that are made of different materials, you must be willing to spend a significant amount of time to buy. Today you have the facility of internet to search clothes for dogs. You can visit the websites of manufacturers or range of stores. You can evaluate the design, features, colors, measurements, etc., and buy best clothes that suite your pet. We are wholesale Pet products, Dog Clothes, Dog Clothing, dog shoes, Dog Collar, Dog apparel,pet product, Dog carrier, dog bed, Dog Leash, pet supply through our website. We have very special dog clothing, we ship worldwide. We do wholesale for our dog clothing. We have been wholesale Pet products for 4 years. Most of dog clothes, dog shoes,pet product, Dog Collar, dog bed, Dog carrier, pet supply, Dog Leash are export to US/CANADA, EUROPE, Australia and Japan. Every week we have new dog apparel coming out. We will notice our customer as soon as we have new Pet products. Our Pet products is made out of very good material. You will love our dog clothing and pet supply or pet product. So you love dressing your little dog up in . Who wouldn’t? You’re surfing along the internet, and you finally find a site that has the cutest selection of . You then realize that you can’t really try these pieces of clothing on your dog– so you start stressing and sweating profusely because you absolutely have to order that piece of , but you don’t know whether or not it will fit. Don’t worry, this little post will hopefully help in determining the right fitting sizes for from internet websites.