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Tip #2 - Startle and redirect your puppy to correct his behavior. Arm yourself with a whistle or air horn and watch your pet companion closely when he's near the washing line. The moment he makes a beeline for the clothes and starts pulling at them, blow the whistle or use the air horn to stop him in his tracks. Say "no" or "bad dog" and show him a dog toy. When he shows interest in the toy, praise him and give him a treat. Do this each time you catch him and over time he'll associate the washing line with the unpleasant noise and will leave it alone.
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A one-time investment in a fence will improve your property value improve your dog's life immeasurably. Learn more about , and about how we fixed a fence to unchain two dogs. If your dog is a fence jumper, there are (see number 7) other than a trolley or chain. Please explore the rest of this site to learn about ways to improve an outside dog's life.

However a trolley/dog run is better than a fixed chain. Installing a trolley system is easy. A trolley system is like a clothesline that the dog is attached to by a leash. The leash is attached to the line by a rolling trolley. The dog can run back and forth the length of the line.

You can buy dog runs from , and other pet and discount stores. They include easy instructions. You can also buy the individual parts to a trolley (line, trolley, hooks for the posts/trees) at home improvement stores such as or . Ask a worker to show you what you need to put up a dog trolley.
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