Apple Chews to replace rawhide chews for your dog

 Rawhide chews do provide some benefits for your dog.
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Natural tendencies of wild canines and their predecessors was to sink their teeth into their prey and pull away on the hides stripping the skin and meat. Inherent in this feeding processes was the beneficial action of the tugging and pressure on the teeth and gums which served to toughen the gums and clean the teeth for a continuously healthy mouth. Chews offer two valuable benefits to your dog.

Dental Benefits

Infections, kidney and heart disease can result when poor dental health gives bacteria an environment to enter your dog's body. Bacteria in the dog's mouth breaks down food particles and converts them to plaque and excess acid. The plaque can become mineralized to form a hard deposit on the tooth surface called "calculus." The excess acid damages the gums resulting in gingivitis. Unchecked gingivitis results in periodontitis, the leading cause of tooth loss. As rawhide is chewed and moistened, it wraps around the teeth and rubs off plaque and calculi.

Behavior Benefits

All dogs have an inherent desire to chew, especially puppies. Aberrant chewing can be a sign of lack of exercise or a vitamin deficiency, but it is most often a normal desire to chew. This drive can exhibit itself on furniture and clothing items. Beef-hide offers a dog a safe chewing outlet.
Petco Mini Peanut Butter Rawhide Retriever Roll Dog Chews, 7"-8" Length
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According to , rawhide and beef hide chews can present a choking hazard if they're not used under supervision. As your dog chews and slobbers on his treat, the hide becomes rehydrated, soft and gooey. When it reaches this point, your dog is able to tear away sections from the main bone. Most of the time your pet will simply wind up eating the hide and it will pass through his digestive system without a major event. American Rawhide Natural Twist Sticks Dog Chews
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If you were planning to reward Fido for being a good boy while you were out with a tasty rawhide bone, you might want to check the label. Several brands of rawhide dog chews have been recalled over a potential chemical contamination that could sicken animals. United Pet Group recently issued the recall of several brands of rawhide dog chews following reports that some pets became ill after chowing down on the chews.A decade ago, nearly all rawhide dog chews were made in the USA. Now, most of them are produced in Mexico, South America, China. Wholesome Hide
is one of the only companies producing rawhide treats in the USA with USA beef hide. Of course that means were are creating American jobs and paying American taxes. But it also means that we are supplying dog owners with treats that have qualities that are simply not available in import products..
Not even the worst rawhide manufacturer overseas uses arsenic or formaldehyde to make rawhide chews. First, neither one of those chemicals contributes anything to the final product. Second, those chemicals are too expensive to use anyway. How did this myth get started? Twenty-five years ago, a Chinese company decided to make rawhide chews. They put their wet hide products in the sun to dry. The flies had a field day. The plant manager ordered his employees to spray the treats with fly spray. Want to guess what was in the spray? Sadly, many American dogs died as a result. But it wasn’t the result of poison ingredients, just stupidity.As a small, family-owned American business, Wholesome Hide and its owner have made rawhide treats for dogs for nearly 30 years. Wanting to maintain a hard-earned reputation for producing safe, healthy rawhide chews, the company has always sourced its products exclusively from the USA and has never substituted or “mixed in” import product, even when supplies of USA beef hide were hard to come by. Periodically, myths and wild stories about rawhide treats make the rounds online and are sometime taken as “universal truth.” Many of these stories may have some basis in fact as they pertain to import rawhide treats, but are NOT true of USA-sourced, USA-made chews. We have attempted to address some of the myths and realities so that dog parents can make up their own minds and not be unduly influenced by people who claim to be experts but obviously know very little about how rawhide treats are actually made..
Canines have been eating dried animal skin for millennia. (And a lot worse if they go outside). They can handle it. It also keeps their teeth clean, their gums healthy and provides them with a way to burn off excess energy. Despite our attempts to come up with more “civilized” chews such as nylon, pressed vegetable matter and whatnot, dogs still prefer an animal-based chew. Our naturally processed chews smell like a butcher shop. That’s why dogs love them! Import products smell like a chemical factory. A healthy USA-sourced rawhide treat is as good as it gets.