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When purchasing steps for senior pets, it is also wise to give consideration to pending health and agility issues. If you have a very elderly dog (11+ yrs) or cat (17+ yrs), it is likely that climbing stairs of any size will become very painful or physically impossible within a short period of time. For these special pets, you may want to skip the steps and go right to a ramp to avoid injury and the extra expense of having to buy a ramp soon after purchasing a set of steps. (It also helps to get your senior pet acclimated to using a ramp before significant muscular and/or visual degeneration occurs.)
Handmade Doggy Stairs Custom Cat stairs Pet by HamptonBayPetSteps
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Designer 18" Cubby Hole Pet Ramp- Custom Color Choice -A small investment in a custom built ramp or set of steps can save you thousands in vet bills and medicine. Do you have a small dog or cat? Maybe an older or aging pet? Maybe your pet has recently suffered an injury? Awkward landings from high beds and even couches can cause undue stress and a great deal of pain on your pets hips, joints, back, shoulders, paws and more leading to early arthritis and dysplasia. Cubby size comes standard… Dog Stairs Cat Stairs Designer Dog Stairs by HamptonBayPetSteps
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This best-seller is great for small dogs and cats up to 20 pounds. The removable washable cover allows for easy clean-up and they stand just over a foot tall.When our dog, Roxy, was a puppy, we also had an adult black tomcat, Funny, who used to sit at the top of the stairs and wouldn't let the dog pass by unmolested. Long after Funny died, Roxy still wouldn't come up the stairs at night unless she turned around and walked up backward. We tried to encourage her to come straight up (like she would in daytime), but at night, she always turned around and climbed backward. Roxy did this until we moved to a single-story house. I figure she was still scared by Funny.Sometimes cats can be jerks, and this poor dog seems like he's seen this cat's angry side one too many times. His owner can barely coax him up the stairs past the feline terror.
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PIN with us! We offer only the best Pet Steps and Stairs to fit all ages, sizes, and agility levels. Used by cats and dogs for beds, sofas, chairs, cars, trucks, vans, decks, doggy doors and many other places. If they are physically able to climb normal stairs, some dogs prefer the stability and familiarity of pet steps which often require less space than ramps to reach the same height. For help determining whether Pet Ramps or Pet Stairs will work best for your dog or cat, please read our resource guide: Very few things can come between a dog and its owner. Dogs have faced down cars, burglars, and even bears in order to protect humans. Yet there is one obstacle that continues to confound them: cats.

Cats are capable of stopping a dog dead in his tracks no matter how badly he wants past. If a cat happens to sit on the stairs, in a doorway, or in a narrow hallway, everything is lost. Even when a dog's beloved human is on the other side. The pain etched across the dogs face is enough to make you want to explode.

Based on cats other patterns of bullying dogs and humans, its possible that they are holding dogs hostage for their own sick amusement. That or they are on an important mission to protect the rest of the house from the dog because they have been watching too much "Lord Of The Rings".

2-step dog and cat stairs. 14″ high - for heights up to 21". Pet steps for sofas, window sills, and chairs. Quality construction and materials; made in the USA