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All of these products are specifically designed to be used in a car, which is one of the most essential things you must do before going on a trip, . This isn't the case with all dog harnesses, so be very careful when you're making your purchase. Look for restraining harnesses that have been specifically designed to be used in a vehicle.
Dog Harness and Seatbelt Car Restraint
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Different dogs may adjust to the harness differently. Dogs that are use to being unrestrained in the car, or having more "leg stretching room" may take time to adjust to it. But the key to keeping a dog safe in an accident is to not let them travel off the seat. So they need to be restrained more then they may be use to. This is a simple matter of physics. The more they can move, the farther they will fly as a projectile in an accident and the harder they will hit a seat back or passenger. You may have to train them to like it by putting them in the car with the harness on, but not attached. Reward them with some treats. Have then get out of the car and repeat. Then increase the duration they stay in the car. When they are comfortable with that, do the same but attach one side strap. Go back to a very short duration and repeat the above process. Then attach both straps but not the seat belt. Again go back to a short duration of a second or two to start. Then increase the amount of time they are in the harness with only the straps before you reward and release them. Have then go into a down stay position with it the harness and just the two straps on. Then maybe go for a short drive down the driveway and back. Then down the street a few houses and back. Reward calm behavior and slowly increase the duration and the drive distance. When they are doing well with that, add the seatbelt through the back but drop to very short durations again (a second or two). Then slowly build the duration back up. Dog Car Restraint Harness - Yenra
Photo provided by PexelsDog Seat Belt tether that connects to any dog car harness to restrain your dog while driving. Prevents distracted driving accidents.
Photo provided by PexelsDog car restraints keep your dog out of the front seat or from roaming the car. Connect a Kurgo dog seat belt to any harness to prevent driver distraction.
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The Click Adjustable Car Restraint clicks directly into your car’s seatbelt receiver. It is adjustable from 17.5 – 26 inches which makes it the length you need for your small or large dog. This product works best when paired with a harness. We do not recommend the use of seatbelt restraints with collars and it is compatible with all EzyDog Harnesses.We love our pets and car safety can be a snap with the one size fits all dog seat belt restraint from EzyDog. Use with our dog harnesses to ensure your pup is safe in the back seat while traveling. Vehicle dog restraints have become law in several states in the US, so protect your pup while on the road. The easy to use EzyDog Seat Belt Restraint is another option for travelling with your dog. It comes free with every Chest Plate Harness or it can be purchased individually as well. The Chest Plate Harness fits dogs from XS – 2XL, so we have a size to fit your large or small dog. To use this car restraint, just feed the seatbelt through the loop of the restraint and click the seatbelt into place. You can pull slack on the seatbelt to comfortably position your dog then release. The EzyDog Seat Belt Restraint is compatible with all EzyDog Harnesses."Amazing. This is pure genius! Used with her ezydog harness she can now ride in the backseat and not in my lap! My dog was terrified in the car so she wasn't trying to get in my lap because she was having fun, she was actually frightened. And a 50 pound staffie in your lap while driving is a recipe for disaster. We have used this probably 5 times now and I'm so happy with it and so is she! She actually jumps in the car and sirs down in the middle of the backseat!!! Having a dog that is afraid of the car makes it difficult to take them to the vet, etc. This restraint is perfect for traveling with your dog in the car. We got one for each dog and a spare for the glove box. We also bought one for each of our kids dogs. Best money I ever spent."