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Xxl Dog Crate Chain Link Dog Kennel Outdoor Pet Big Dog Cage Extra Large Metal
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We know how tough it can be to find an Extra Large Dog Crate for your giant breed so we have made it easy to find an Extra Large Dog Kennel for your big fur ball. Just go to to view all the choices brands.

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Dog Cage Bed Crate Pad Machine Washable Big Dog Kennel Soft Plush Fleece LARGE #DoesNotApply
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When buying a pet crate, ensure that you do not indulge in an overly spacious model. Keep the large pet crate for bigger dogs. The space inside the crate for dogs should give your pooch enough room to move and turn around with ease. This means that, the pooch should not find himself hitting the sides or the top (ceiling of the crate). Basically it is important for your pet to be able to sit straight up without banging their head. Invest in folding dog cages where they can lay down on the surface with their paws stretched out. Take special care with small dog cage and puppy crates. Make sure that the crate does not end up cramping up your dog. The only way it will love their new “den” is if they seek natural comfort and don’t feel caged. Xxl Dog Crate Chain Link Dog Kennel Outdoor Pet Big Dog Cage Extra Large Metal
Photo provided by PexelsXxl Dog Crate Chain Link Dog Kennel Outdoor Pet Big Dog Cage Extra Large Metal
Photo provided by FlickrCages and Crates 121851: Large Dog Crate Kennel Pop Up Travel Soft Cage Big Portable Collapsible Folding BUY IT NOW ONLY: $59.45
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so, they show this as a "dog cage"...i see it as a childs playpen for the outdoors. put toys and such in there, now i know they wont touch a hot bbq, or put dirt in thier mouths, keeps them caged in a big area plus allows shading for those hot sunny lovin it!A: For a house-trained adult dog that is cage- or kennel-trained, keep in mind that the bigger the kennel the better. An adult dog should have enough room to stand and even move around; there really is no upper size limit. That is different from a puppy where smaller is better to help encourage them to go outside to urinate or defecate.For breeds 26 to 50 pounds, the 30 inch and 36 inch will fit perfectly. The 30 inch is 21 inches high and the 36 inch is 25 inches high. In this weight range, dog height can vary. Pick the cage based on the approximate height of your mutt when they are laying down with their head up. Examples of breeds that would use the 30 inch are corgis, cocker spaniels, pinschers, and bigger terriers. Breeds that would use the 36 inch are shepherds, hounds, collies, and dalmations.