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Your Purebred Puppy: A Buyer's Guide
by Michele Lowell,
Henry Holt & Co,
115 W 18th St,
New York, NY 10011 Published in 1990. Includes information on how to select the appropriate breed for your family, find a good breeder, and choose the puppy that fits your circumstances and profiles about 160 breeds. Lowell's book is more recent; it lacks the depth of Tortora's work in categorizing dogs by temperament, exercise, and other characteristics, but it includes many more breeds. Both books are available in area bookstores and libraries. Cost $22.50. This book is available in Many public libraries.
The cost of my consulting package is $90, so you can save money by purchasing my dog buying guide, , for only $24.
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We have yet to try Isle of Dogs treats, but we sure do love the Shampoo and Conditioning products!!! We look forward to trying them and updating our buying guide! Buying Guide: Dog Treats & Chews - DogTipper
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The conscientious breeder plans a breeding to reproduce the best characteristics of an outstanding sire or dam. His guide is the official AKC Standard of the breed---the written "blueprint" that helps keep the breed uniform for generations to come. (You can find the breed standard, revised in 2005, at the American Boxer Club website: ). The more common disappointments for pet purchasers come from commercial sources--especially pet shops that often buy puppies from the infamous "puppy mills" that take little notice of the quality or health they are producing. The pet store or dog broker will sell you a puppy with a breeder's name attached to the paperwork--but this puppy may easily have been born in a puppy mill. His sire and/or dam are nowhere on the premises. The reputable breeder, on the other hand, will not only be able to demonstrate the pedigree and registration papers, but will also show you either the sire or dam themselves, or pictures of the parent who may be owned elsewhere. Though the mere presence of "papers" does not guarantee good health, conformation, or temperament, you will most often find these attributes in the puppy who has been raised with loving care in the home or kennel of a conscientious hobby breeder. The serious breeder often strives to produce a potential "champion." Since not all in the litter can quite reach this goal, the breeder will able to offer you a good-looking brother or sister of the show prospect at a reasonable price. Sometimes the distribution of white markings alone may make the difference between the so-called "pet" and show-potential puppy. The pet puppy will have benefited from the same proven bloodlines, nutrition, and medical care as its "champion" littermate. His breeder will have health tested the parents and done the best he can to insure good temperament, soundness, and longevity. Here is your best buy.LOCATING A BREEDERMost owners of small or medium-sized dogs recognize the importance of a . A dog carrier is a vital piece of equipment for owners who plan to travel with their dogs. In the car, it keeps the dog from being thrown around if the driver turns or brakes suddenly. In public areas such as airports, subway stations, or train stations, the carrier keeps the dog from escaping or from harming anyone due to fear. In most situations, it provides the dog with a sense of security and calm. One ideal place to shop for dog carriers is on . The variety of the options that are available on eBay, combined with its easy searchability and buyer-friendly policies, make it a popular destination for dog owners who are looking for many different kinds of pet equipment, including dog carriers. This guide explains the process of finding listings for dog carriers, the process of selecting the ideal carrier for each dog, and the process of buying the carrier on eBay.In this buyer guide, we’re going to reveal our top pick for 2017’s best dog life jacket. We’ll also include the runner ups, which will give you some other excellent choices.This guide offers straightforward advice for people looking to purchase a dog crate for their pet. Sizing instructions and product descriptions will help buyers decide which type of crate is most suitable. Dog crates can be purchased at pet shops, feed stores, and many discount department chains. They are also available through various Internet merchants, as well as online auctions sites like eBay.