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I dont know why but my little brother decided to hit a dog with a broom! :D
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The bigger problem is that dogs really do need to be punished if they are to adapt to life with humans. That is because they do things that get them killed. They destroy furniture, bite people, jump on guests, blast out the front door and 100 other things that their owners find intolerable. If someone can stop the behavior, the dog stays in the home. If not, the dog goes elsewhere – usually eternal oblivion. However, stopping a behavior requires knowledge. Sadly that isn’t readily available. So, to test my statement that most people don’t know the first thing about applying punishment, consider this hypothetical situation: imagine that I have a broom, and the annoying habit of sneaking up behind you and whacking you with it. If you could require me to say the word “duck”, would you want me to say it…
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Anyone used one before? Here is what one of the reviews had to say….
THIS is one of the best purchases I have ever made! I have been using my broom daily for three months. I have three large dogs in shedding mode and I have severe dust allergies. For the first time ever, I feel that I am effectively removing piles of fur (equivalent to a small do Have you tried just letting the dog get familiar with the broom?
Photo provided by PexelsIn a disgusting case of animal abuse, veterinarians say a dog is being treated in Arlington after she was sexually assaulted with a broom.
Photo provided by PexelsDr. Dog made all of B-Room available for streaming on 's website as well as  Premieres on September 24, 2013.
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To get in on the housecleaning action, he grabs the broom and heads inside until troubled strikes: The pup quickly realizes that the broom will not fit through the doggy door. Luckily, Tex is a clever little dog whose helpfulness is only matched by his resourcefulness.When the two took to the stage Tina was holding a broom, and while some of the people in the crowd were expecting something cute, others were just skeptical. What will a woman with a dog holding a broom do on stage? Well no one knew, but in the end they were all giving her a standing ovation! Yep!ARLINGTON, Va. - In a disgusting case of animal abuse, veterinarians say a dog is being treated in Arlington after she was sexually assaulted with a broom.The is a favorite among dog groomers, kennel owners, pet lovers, hair salons and barbers because it produces outstanding results with hair. Regular style push brooms and standard bristle brooms wear easily, and just don’t work very well. You can sweep a pile of hair over and over only to be left with more hair to sweep if you are using one of these. The fur and hair will fly all over, and you are almost guaranteed to have some left on the surface you are cleaning when you finish. All of these annoyances will be a thing of the past once you start sweeping with a Sweepa. You will be amazed at how well it works, and wonder how it is possible to get so excited over a broom. It not only produces superior results on hard floors, it will even work on carpet. The bristles and charge will pull hair out of your carpet even if it has been freshly vacuumed by one of those expensive vacuum cleaners. Short deliberate strokes will remove hair that you didn’t realize existed. Before you know it you will have an extremely clean carpet and a pile of hair that you never knew was there. This makes it ideal for cleaning stairs, and area rugs, but you can also remove the head to use it directly on furniture and upholstery too. It will work equally well on dog hair, cat hair or human hair, and everyone that uses one would agree. This is the best broom for sweeping up any kind of hair.ARLINGTON, Va. - In a disgusting case of animal abuse, veterinarians say a dog is being treated in Arlington after she was sexually assaulted with a broom.The video, which was provided by , begins with Bella, a pit bull terrier puppy, cowering under a kitchen table after her owner, Angelica Santosuosso, chased her with a broom. The dog looks so terrified that she wets the floor, and that angers Santosuosso.