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So lets get hopping! Here’s our latest review in our series of “Dog Bowls For Fast Eaters“!
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Hopefully you watched the video, but just in case you didn’t it took 38 seconds for Stetson to finish eating 1 1/2 cups of food out of his regular stainless steel bowl. It took 1 minute and 3 second for Stetson to finish eating 1 1/2 cups of food out of the Metal Brake-Fast Dog Food Bowl. It took 25 seconds longer to finish eating and therefore we can successfully say the the Brake-Fast bowl did it’s job and slowed Stetson’s eating. That is a significant difference and I believe this would be a perfect dog food bowl for fast eating dogs if…
Bowls for fast eating dogs are designed with aggressive eaters in mind
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Those are the contenders for dog bowls that will help slow down a fast eating dog. I’m sure not everyone runs into the problems associated with a speed eater like my Labrador Retrievers. We will continue our series on Dog Bowl Reviews over the next couple days. Tomorrow we’ll cover and Friday we’ll check out the ever so popular category of (most of these products are good for traveling with your dog). Free shipping BOTH ways on dog bowls for fast eaters, from our vast selection of styles
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Eating too quickly is bad for your dog’s health, just like it is for your own health. A dog bowl for fast eaters is a simple solution. These bowls usually have several prongs or posts in them that force the dog to slow down and work around the post to get to the food. This means that your dog has to eat more slowly, which benefits his health and your lifestyle by reducing the occurrence of regurgitation. This also helps to prevent more serious problems, like bloat or gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV). Be sure to choose the proper size for your pet so that he can still get to the food inside.Researchers have also found that lowering a dog’s food and water bowls may prevent bloat. There are several bowls designed for this purpose that can be found online at websites like . Of course, no one can guarantee that a particular bowl will prevent bloat, but they will definitely help slow down fast eaters.Many dogs learn as puppies to gulp their food down and eat too fast. As soon as you set their dinner down, your pet will gobble up the food quickly like it was starving, you won’t even see it disappear. A dog eating too quickly is a health issue and can cause them to gulp air which can cause them to get ill and have stomach aches, gas, throw partially chewed food back up on your floors and carpets, and fast eating has been attributed to dog bloat. Bloat is a dangerous dog health issue which should every pet owner needs to be aware of. These days a pet owner can buy dog food bowls specially designed for their speedy pups. Slow feed food bowls are made to have objects in the dish which your pet must eat around instead of being able to suck in large mouthfuls of kibble all at once. They must pause and pick up kibble more slowly than they could without the objects in the way. If your dog is a fast eater one of these bowls could potentially save your pet’s life and is well worth looking in to and buying.Do you have a slow feeder dog bowl that works well for your dog? If so, please tell us about it in the comment section below. In the coming days we will review the KONG Wobbler, another dog toy that can help with fast eating dogs. So don’t forget to follow us:We haven’t tried all of the slow feeder dog bowls on the market (yet), but we have tried quite a few. In fact, when we first started looking for a solution to Stetson’s fast eating over 5 years ago we were only able to find 1 dog bowl designed for fast eating dogs.If you are hoping your record-breaking eater will transform into a gentleman diner, consider that these bowls may not work for every dog. Some dogs may outsmart these bowls and simply turn them upside down, splattering food all over the floor. Other dogs may simply chew through the nubs and destroy the bowl or may eat slow at first and then resume eating fast as they learn some effective ways to bypass those nubs. However, many dogs do slow down eating and eventually learn better and healthier table manners.