Basis Pet Stainless Steel Dog Bowl Made in USA Large 2-pack

Stainless steel dog bowl - Made in the USA
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Our thirsty indoor/outdoor Water Trapper dog placemat protects your floors from water, crumbs, and dirt and helps dog bowls and feeders stay in place. And because big dogs make big messes, we also offer a larger size with 65% more surface area. Made in USA.
Food & Water Dog Bowl Made in USA l George San Francisco - Olive
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Another design we are finishing up is the made in USA Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. These are larger than the cat and small dog bowl otherwise they are identical in quality which is superior. These are rugged tough bowls made in the USA that will hold up to the rigors of a large dog. These will make an excellent kennel dog bowls and will stand up to puppies or the adult dog and are especially made with the working dog in mind. Made in USA Stainless Steel Dog Bowls for your Pets Food and Water
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Photo provided by PexelsOur Dog Bowls Made in the USA Feature Petware Pottery Bowls Made Per Order. High Qulaity Dog Bowls Which are Safe for Your Dogs.
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Teaching your dog to read is easier when eating or drinking is involved. Heavy porcelain bowl with raised sides and the word food or water imprinted at the bottom. Hand fired and made in USA.
We only use USA made stainless steel in our dog and cat bowls. It is a heavy weight, durable, 22 gauge US stainless steel that's dishwasher safe. Prior to use, all of our stainless steel must pass an extensive metallurgical analysis that confirms it's a high quality, 304 series (sometimes called 18/8) stainless steel. Our bowls are 100% Made in the USA in a facility that typically makes human grade products for the healthcare and food industries.Emerson Creek Pottery has been offering lead-free, USA-made ceramics to our customers since 1977. We are proud to include in our offerings these safe ceramic pet bowls for your family pets. Lead-free and made from our rich Virginia clay, each dog dish or cat dish is handcrafted here in Bedford, VA by our artisans and hand-painted just for you. These pet dishes can also be personalized with your pet's name!At Basis Pet, we do things right. We start by sourcing only U.S. stainless steel that has passed an extensive metallurgical analysis, confirming its identity as a 304 series stainless steel (also called 18/8) and that it’s free of mercury and radioactive contamination. We also test the finished product for lead with a surface test kit. These stainless steel dog bowls are 100% made in the USA so you not only get a great product, but you help support US jobs. Perfect for keeping canines clean – and stylish – this modern dog bowl from is made in the U.S.A. with 100 percent recycled plastic. There’s no finish or paint, which means nothing will flake off into your pooch’s food or water. And, everything can go into the dishwasher for a shiny clean even your dog will notice. Also comes in and .We believe your cat or dog is like family and you want the best for them. We will soon be taking orders for our made in the USA pet products. We will be starting off with a superior quality stainless steel bowl for your cat or dog made of American quality heavy gauge steel. Currently we are in the design and development stages and hope to have them ready by this fall 2013 at the latest.