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The Ultra Paws Cold Weather Dog Boots are perfect for winter walks in the snow
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Dogs need their exercise, but it can be difficult to go on walks when the ground is covered with snow or ice - or if it's just really, really cold! Dog's paws may seem indestructible, but the truth is that exposure to freezing weather can cause lasting damage, even causing their paws to stick to the ground and tear. Providing your best friend with a set of durable, comfortable, warming dog boots makes walking through a winter wonderland less painful and more enjoyable for you and your pet.

With top quality boots from leading manufacturers like Penn Plax, Fashion Pet, and Pet Life, Pet Mountain's Dog Boots store has the right paw protectors for your pooch. All-weather boots are the perfect solution for keeping your dog's feet safe, even in the middle of winter. If you'd just like to make his feet more comfortable around the house, a set of Fashion Pet's slipper socks is just the thing.

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Silvia Rodriguez regularly puts both boots and sweaters on her dog, Chicharito, when they go for walks on cold days in the German Village.
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If it’s not the booties that keep a dog’s toes from getting frostbite, what does? My vet friends told me that we’re just built better for playing outside in the cold compared to humans. Dogs have fur on their feet, humans don’t. The bottom of a human’s foot is very TENDER whereas a dog has thick tough almost leather like skin that covers their foot pads. Dogs have a higher body temperature – 100 to 102.5, compared to 98.6 for humans. The resting heart rate of a dog is in the range of 100 to 102 beats per minute so blood circulates faster. In addition, dogs burn calories very quickly – their metabolism is much higher than a humans.Experts like my vet friends think that dogs and other animals that live out-of-doors have a different circulatory process than humans. When humans are in McGrath and the temperature is minus 36 degrees, blood vessels in the arms and legs contract to restrict blood flow to the limbs. This helps humans to maintain core body temperature. When sled dogs and other animals run into extreme cold, circulation in their legs stays constant or perhaps increases. Outdoor animals may even have more blood vessels in their legs and feet. Dogs and other animals have these natural adaptations to their environment, survival mechanisms to allow their feet to stay warm in very harsh winter conditions.Now you know why dogs wear booties when training and during Iditarod. They wear booties for much the same reason humans wear socks – to prevent abrasions and keep their feet happy. You also know something about the natural adaptations in animals that allow them to stay warm in even severe winter conditions. Without these handy survival mechanisms, you humans will just have to wear warm boots and socks along with mittens and hats.There you have it, a story about how sled dogs are built better for cold weather than our mushers and handlers. Check soon for more stories. Let PRIDE be your guide – Personal Responsibility in Daily Effort.Born to Run, Best dog boots ever, good for hot or cold weather and they don't slip in them. They don't slip off either.
Photo provided by FlickrBest dog boots ever, good for hot or cold weather and they don't slip in them. They don't slip off either.
Photo provided by FlickrBest dog boots ever, good for hot or cold weather and they don't slip in them. They don't slip off either.
Photo provided by Flickr