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Unless it's locally sourced bone meal, it's not a good idea to add it to our dog's diet.
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I make my bone meal out of chicken bones. After a chicken dinner I will boil the bones to remove any leftover fat or meat, which goes to my dog. Then I put the bones on my gas grill and basically turn them into charcoal. Once they are done I use an old coffee bean grinder and turn them into powder. The powder is of course black instead of the white stuff you buy in a bag. My tomatoes and potatoes love it and produce muchos fruitos!!!
“Meat and Bone meal is made mostly from euthanized dogs and cats” .. Source please.
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Golden Retriever - 55# - RMB meal - 1# chicken backs, or 12 chicken necks, or 8 chicken wings, or 2 beef ribs plus an egg or yogurt. You can feed lamb, but it is rich so I don't suggest it in the beginning. Even now after 3 years I will only feed lamb that I trim and only when I will be around to let them out more often. Lamb riblets (I think in Australia they are called lamb flaps) have soft very chewable bones and this is what I use if I can get it. Occasionally (like once every 2 weeks), I substitute fish - either canned mackerel or sardines as my dogs will only eat these. If yours eats other fishes then serve 'em up. I split one large can or 2 small cans among my four dogs. I’d strongly disagree that meat and bone meal is made mostly from euthanized dogs and cats for several reasons.
Photo provided by FlickrNo wonder cats and dogs get sick after eating pet foods - those pet foods are loaded with bone meal.
Photo provided by FlickrTo protect pets from excessive fluoride exposures, dog owners can purchase pet foods that do not contain bone meal and other animal byproducts.
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Some dog owners are of the opinion that homemade dog food is the best for their dog, but this only compounds matters further, since finding the nutritional balance in homemade dog food becomes even more difficult. Especially, the ratio of calcium and phosphorus, which is crucial for a dog's health. If this ratio is not maintained, then dogs phlebotomize from their own blood, which is not right as far as the dog's health is concerned. In the quest to find a perfect food that will accomplish these requirements of the dogs, bone meal was considered to be the ideal solution. But what exactly is it? Let's find out.Meat and bone meal is a byproduct of the rendering industry. It contains a lot of protein, fat, moisture, and ash. It is used mainly in animal food to increase the profile of amino acids. In the '80s, a research revealed that bone meal was a major cause for the mad cow disease, and subsequently, its use as a human dietary supplement was discontinued. Due to the fact that dogs and cats are not susceptible to mad cow disease, bone meal is still very popular as dog and cat food supplements.Bone meal is a mixture made of ground and crushed bones. Its original or intended use is as an organic fertilizer for plants and also as animal feed. It is a rich source of calcium, phosphorus, and other trace minerals, and these ingredients make it suitable as dog food. Phosphorus helps all the nutrients to get extracted in the bloodstream, thus aiding dogs suffering with digestive disorders. Calcium is also very helpful to fulfill the calcium requirements and deficiencies in dogs. It is also seen that a little amounts of the organic version of bone meal is capable of evading diarrhea and flatulence in dogs. As a matter of fact, it used to be a major component in human dietary supplements, but after a while, it was found out that bone meal was contaminated with several toxic metals, and hence, the practice was stopped.» Feed bone meal to your dog in accordance to its size. Excess consumption may cause problems, leading to stomach discomfort. In such cases, dogs should immediately be given plenty of water/milk. In worst cases, which is a rarity, side affects such as vomiting, fever, or overall malaise for 24 hours may be seen. If so, do not waste time in contacting your veterinarian.In most cases, it has been found that dogs are not affected on being fed bone meal. Adding it to the meal only makes it healthy. However, there are some things that you should take care of before deciding to feed your dog bone meal:As a responsible dog owner, one has to be very careful about pet health and pet food. Bone meal can cause health issues if your dog consumes it in excess quantities.