Potty Bells Dog Collar accessory.

Using a bell can be a helpful communication tool between you and your dog.
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I’d really like to give this a try – I end up letting my dogs out all day long when I’m not at work. The bells might help me focus and remember, “oh yeah, it was only a few minutes ago!”
Once the dog understands the concept, bell training solves a couple problems:
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Photo provided by FlickrPotty Bells Dog Collar accessory.
Photo provided by PexelsSee how we used dog bell training with our 2 dogs…
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Begin by hanging a bell or bells over the door handle of the door your dog goes outside by. Below are a few ideas of different bells you can use. Every time you take your dog or puppy outside to go to the bathroom physically get him to nudge the bell with his nose or paw. To begin training make sure he is in a calm state and preferably in the sit position. You can gently take his paw and make him touch the bell or gently position him to nudge the bell with his nose. I say 'gently' because we don't want any fear associated with this procedure. As soon as the bell rings say the words 'Go Potty' or whatever words you choose. Praise him lavishly or give him a small food reward and then go outside immediately. This training is not just for puppies. Older dogs can learn too. You can successfully train an older dog to ring the bell. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. I taught my 5 year old rescue dog in a matter of days. You apologize to your friend, explain to them in sparse detail why you came late. Later during a conversation unexciting, you hear their tiny dog's footsteps, then the tinkling and jingling of a bell. You ask them what it is. Oh its my dog, they say, she's ringing the bell to tell me she has to go outside.Good luck with your door bell training. One thing to remember is be consistent and do it every single time your dog or puppy goes out to potty. My dog rings the bell when all he wants to do is play
You can eliminate this sly dog behavior by paying attention to certain times your dog usually goes out. If you have just taken your dog out and it isn't reasonable that he needs to go out again, or if your dog is in a particularly playful mood, don't open the door. You want the bell to be the signal for a quick "do your business" trip, not playtime.This is an extremely useful trick, perfect for house training puppies. The attractiveness of using a bell to let you know when your dog needs to go out is that you can hear it all over the house. Puppies don't have enough experience to come get you to take them out. In fact, the most common sign is spinning around. More often than not, you aren't around to see! Using a bell, you'll be able to hear every single time your dog needs some time outside. This is not a you want on (command). What you want is for your dog to learn that ringing the bell gets her outside when she needs to go to the toilet and at no other time.