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The Big Barker Dog Crate Bed comes in several standard sizes and is machine washable.
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CONS: Compared to other dog crate mats, the Big Barker Dog Crate Pad is quite expensive. Big Barkers beds are also not designed for smaller dogs – they really should only be used for larger or giant breed dogs.
the sheepy™ not only makes a great dog bed, but it also fits perfectly in a dog crate.
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Best dog bed ever
My German Shepherd has torn up every bed we put in her crate until this bed arrived. Some mornings she is so comfy she does not want to come out!
German Shepherd owner
Covington, KY How can I stop my dogs from chewing whatever bedding we put in their crate?
Photo provided by PexelsMake your furry friend feel right at home with this PAW Cozy Pet Crate dog bed.
Photo provided by PexelsThis PAW Cozy Pet Crate dog bed promises maximum comfort for your beloved pet.
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This is the one stop shop for Midwest dog crates and Quiet Time beds. We stock the best products for your pet, so you can treat Fido like royalty. Whether your pooch needs a Midwest dog crate, Quiet Time bed, or a dog crate replacement pan we have a huge selection, and it is in stock ready for shipping.I recommend placing the crate in an area of the house where both you and the dog can access it easily. The crate should be close enough to be handy, but out of the way enough that it is not going to be tripped over constantly. I usually place a crate right beside my bed; it helps teach puppies to sleep in the crate if you are right beside them and they don't feel so alone. I place another crate in a corner of my living room.If a dog is taught through positive to love the crate, the crate becomes his own private and safe place, much like a bedroom for a child. The crate or kennel is somewhere the dog can go and not be bothered; it's a perfect destination when the dog is tired or nervous. Dogs have a natural instinct to be in a den. Many dogs take to a crate very easily.When the dog is going into the crate willingly, add a cue for entering the crate. Try "crate" or "bed" or "go in." Say your cue before tossing a treat inside. Soon your dog or puppy will be going into the crate on cue and eagerly.Place a bed or mat that your dog already likes into the crate. This will help reduce any startling noises when the dog enters the crate. The dog will also be familiar with the bed, which could make him more willing to go into the crate. When you are not training, leave the crate open and place your dog's toy basket or favorite toys inside. Feed your dog meals in the crate, starting by leaving the door open and, as training progresses, closing it. If you give your dog any special treats, chewies, or bones, give them to him in the crate. A special bonus of having the mat in the crate is that the dog will begin to associate good things with the mat after being fed on it. Take the mat with you to the vet. Place it on the floor in the waiting room, on the scale, and in the exam room to help your dog become more comfortable and relaxed during vet visits.If you are looking for quality dog beds, crate pads, or dog blankets, you have come to the right place. All of our products are made in the USA with lasting, durable fabrics sure to keep your pet happy for years to come. You can choose from faux fur, cozy, or soft cuddle fabric in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You are sure to find the perfect fabric! We test all of our fabrics for durability but we also want them to be luxurious and easy to clean.