Cool Runners Small Couch/Sofa/Bed for Dogs

fainting couch for dogs | Victorian Style Carved Wood Swan Fainting Couch - Child or Pet Size
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This dog couch reviews are very positive on Amazon. Most dog owners praise primarily this bed's quality build and tangible sturdiness. Some comparisons include other couches for dogs where the firmness of the sides was lacking compared to K&H's orthopedic dog sofa. Design is also a definite improvement over the previous model, and it the best one on the list (unless you're a big fan of leather). The biggest problem customers express with this sofa for dogs is that the company doesn't have it in smaller size, and it's way too big for a few smaller dogs. So if you're looking to purchase this one, double check the size you want this best couch for dogs in.
This is the only dog couch bed we’ve seen that is a realistic option for large dogs.
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A small percentage of high status-seeking personalities may identify having furniture access as a status symbol, and may become territorial of the furniture as a result. In severe cases the dogs will behave this way toward humans in the house. It is more commonly seen in multi-dog homes where the pack structure is unstable and the dogs are competing with each other. One dog will guard an area from another, which can cause some serious conflict. This is usually not limited to just furniture though. We’ve seen dogs guard entire sections of a house from other dogs in the family – and sometimes other human family members as well. The couch or the bed are just one more zone that a dog on a power trip can guard, but limiting access to these spots alone is not a magic fix as it is not the root of the problem. This behavior is a sign of imbalance, and that more boundaries, training, guidance, and exercise are needed with the dogs. In the worst cases we’ve seen, the dogs typically have no daily structure, no feeding routine, no prior training, and therefore no real respect. It’s typically doggie chaos that causes these problems, not the magic height of the couch. In other words, if you see signs of furniture guarding (or any guarding) in your home, chances are the humans need to step it up on their dog duties before someone gets hurt. Aim for the stars, little dogs, and you just might make it to the couch.
Photo provided by FlickrThe Rules for Dogs on the Couch:
Photo provided by FlickrThe Enchanted Home Pet Dreamcatcher Dog Bed is an elegant, large, wonderfully designed dog couch that works for small to medium sized dogs.
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Regardless of whether you're getting furniture that is specifically pet friendly, there are a few ways to prepare your animals. For cats, this could be as simple as teaching them to claw a scratching post instead of your current couch. For dogs, positive reinforcement when they get off, and stay off, of a couch might be all that's necessary. Some animals will become attracted to a new leather sofa no matter what, so you might need to take additional steps.Some people don’t mind furring up the couch for a little extra snuggle time with their pets, while others prefer dogs stay off of their nice furniture and remain on the floor. There is no right or wrong to this. If approached properly, most dogs will see furniture as nothing more than what it is: a comfortable place to cuddle with their family or a zone in the house that is simply off limits to them.I have leather and it works good, but I have scratch marks in one arm where Taffy decided the leather wasn't quite to her standard of softness, so there is a discolored patch on a two year old couch. If you are ok with marks and scuffs, leather holds up well, fur (and mud, and the dogs favorite godknowswhatelse) wipes off, but the dog will scuff it up in some form or fashion.Another good reason to buy best couch for dogs is because it gives your pet his own place to retreat to, whenever he's tired of all the commotion in the house. It's a great sense of security for your dog, and we all know that most canines love to have a place of their own which they can call a home den. In addition, it's also a great cushioning for your pooch to help with joint and bone pains, or if your dog is old and/or arthritic. Couches for dogs relieve those types of stresses and pain, and you Fido will appreciate having something to relax in.