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If you’re looking for a lightweight, portable crate, this collapsible model might do the trick. With a full range of features, including double doors and slide-bolt latches, this large metal dog crate is appropriate for both in-home use and travel. You’ll love the epoxy coating – it’s odor-, fade-, rust-, and corrosion-resistant, even in the most extreme climates – and the all-steel, high tensile-strength wire (gauges 5 to 9) that lends this kennel durability.
X-Large Collapsible Heavy Duty Dog Crate Kennel Escape Proof Indestructible LIFETIME WARRANTY
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Featuring heavyweight metal and two doors, this premium large metal dog crate from Petco is a solid option – literally. This kennel is easy to clean, easy to set up, and collapsible, so you can take it anywhere (and clean while on-the-go, if necessary). The baked, powder-coated finish helps prevent rust and corrosion. Designed to keep your dog safe the Fully Collapsible Portable Dog Kennel straps easily into an SUV and folds down easily
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The custom Collapsible Dog Kennel by Lab Products.

This folding mobile unit may be configured for use with dogs, swine or other animals. These units enhance the flexibility of the animal research facility as to providing an option to fixed kennels. The kennels fold up for easy transportation to cage wash, to storage areas or for relocating to another animal holding area.

Multiple units may be locked together forming a series of runs for socialization and exercise. Removable side panels allow animals to move easily from one cage to another. Kennel includes a front panel featuring a swinging door, a full rod rear panel and two removable full rod side panels.This heavy duty dog crate kennel brings with it a Lifetime Warranty. It is the perfect example of good old American know-how at its’ best. A little bit of art and whole lot of science went into this very special indestructible aluminum heavy duty dog crate. It weighs in at only 47 lbs. The really big news is that it is Collapsible. Yes, I said Collapsible. It folds up like a suitcase with a strong carrying handle and away you go on holiday, vacation or maybe just to Grandma’s house. Your dog and your heavy duty dog kennel are both coming along with you.Model TK362026C is a professional grade, collapsible dog kennel crate for temporary housing and transfer of dogs. It is constructed of heavy duty 1x1 - 12ga galvanized wire mesh. This crate collapses to just 3" in height for easy storage when not in use. It also features a removable, easy to clean metal tray on the bottom and two large handles for easy carrying. The door swings out to open and secures shut with a frame hook style latch and heavy duty leash style clip. This crate measures 36" long x 20" wide x 26" tall.If you have a pooch that loves to escape their kennel, check out the Goplus Metal Wire Pet Crate. It is a good crate for those dogs that are keen to get away. It can be easily moved around the house although it is not collapsible, it is relatively lightweight. Indestructible dog crates are a great investment because you will not need to replace it.