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Does your dog have a curly, wavy, wiry, silky or long coat? If so, there’s a good chance he will require a regular routine of hair clipping. Even if your dog’s coat isn’t all that long, it still might be advantageous to have a haircut for far more than aesthetic reasons.
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You definitely don’t want to use human hair clippers on dogs, although many of us have considered it in the past. Unfortunately, our canine companion’s coats are quite different from human hair, but ones engineered for dogs have the power to get through them with minimal trouble as long as you opt for something with some high-quality. are not designed for heavy duty use, work well for long haired or double-coated dog.
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When doing full scissor trims on Lhasa type dogs, or puppy cuts, try a Snap-on. There may be some unevenness, but that will diminish as your technique improves (it is vital to clip following the angle of hair in the direction of coat growth to avoid leaving marks and short spots, just as with clippers). Use the comb to get to the approximate length and then scissor over it, or use thinning shears. When starting with an overgrown coat, this can be a great time saver. Try using a longer comb and going against the grain for a smoother, more plush finish at the same length. Start with a comb a couple of sizes longer for the legs on these dogs; or for a short version, use a #4, #5, or #7 on the body and a comb on the legs.CLICK HERE

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The Dog Clipper is lightweight and quiet to run, with precision snap on blades for easy cleaning. This clipper has a rotary motor which is powerful enough to cut thick coats easily and can be used cordlessly or powered from the mains. There are actually only two brands of dog clippers you want to purchase for clipping your dog's coat at home. These are the Andis dog clippers and the Oster dog clippers. Both make top quality dog hair clippers whith a long lifespan and are used by most professional dog groomers. If you are buying dog clippers for the first time buying a kit might be a good idea.

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Heavy coats: these dogs will need a really good set or reliable dog grooming clippers with rotary motors that can easily work through long and/or thick coats of dog hair.
Medium coats: in this case, any best pet razor won't work, but you simply need to maintain regular grooming sessions, so normally, clippers with pivot motors will do wonders on your dog's hair.
Thin coats: dogs like these don't need to be groomed too often or too heavily, so electromagnetic motor powered pet clippers for dogs will have everything that you need.The other thing is to learn to use snap-on combs which fit right over the blade and result in longer lengths of haircuts. Most of the models that don't have interchangeable blades come with a few snap-on combs for you to try using. I do not recommended this for the amateur groomer/owner simply because of the frustration factor. When using snap-on combs, known as combs for short, the coat must be thoroughly brushed out with no mats. When this is achieved and you get the comb to go through the coat without snagging in the hair, you will still have to scissor it all afterwards to get a neat, uniform appearance. This is because it is very difficult to get comb cuts to look even and not choppy, and takes quite a bit of skill (practice). Honestly, most groomers greatly dislike doing comb cuts (yes they make combs for professional clippers too) because of the reasons I just stated. I have found that comb cuts are easier to perform on pets with wire type coats such as terrier mixes, jack russels, cairn terriers, border terriers, westies, and wire fox terriers. If you have one of these dogs, you may like it.