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I’m sticking with Chicken Soup. It does wonders for my dogs, and that’s my bottom line!
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The Chicken Soup line of dog food is part of the Chicken Soup for the Soul brand which started as a series of anthologies made up of heart-warming true tales. The brand eventually grew to include a line of pet food products for both dogs and cats. Chicken Soup pet food products are currently manufactured by, one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the United States.
Chicken Soup for Dogs
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I am feeding my dogs Chicken Soup for the Soul can food. After reading about the dry food recall I am concerned about the safety of this product. Is there any problem with the wet food ?? 2. I like to use Celery and Carrots for my broth – for Chicken Soup for humans – onions and garlic are a bonus too – but not for dogs.
Photo provided by FlickrAt Chicken Soup for the Soul, we know how important food is for your dog's well-being
Photo provided by FlickrJan 26, 2016 - Today we are showing you how to make Chicken Soup for dogs
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Today we are showing you how to make Chicken Soup for dogs! Since the #Blizzard2016 has hit a lot of the United States, we thought we should show you how to make something warm and good and something you can share with your dogs!
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Chicken soup that is meant for humans is probably not good for dogs. I always recommend staying away from canned soups, even if they are labeled low-sodium, as they probably still have more sodium than you’ll want to feed your dog.At Chicken Soup for the Soul, we know how important food is for your dog's well-being. That's why we formulated Chicken Soup for the Soul dog food to give your dog premium nutrition so that your dog can stay happy, healthy, and well. Our dog food captures the warmth and comfort of eating food that is not only made from the highest quality ingredients, but also served with love. So whether your pet is a puppy, a senior, or somewhere in between, the dog foods from Chicken Soup for the Soul provide nutrition to help promote your pet's lifelong health.Because it’s important to give back, we use adopted pets as our models… A number of us at Chicken Soup for the Soul have adopted animals from shelters. So, when it came time to shoot the photos for our new pet food packaging, we had an idea. Instead of paying for “professional” pet models, we donated money to a local shelter and featured some of their cats and dogs, ones that had recently found their "forever homes." On the back of each package, you can read about the rescue dog or cat pictured on the front. Check out all of Riley's Rescues .If you make chicken soup at home with natural, organic ingredients that dogs love (carrots, chicken), then you could get away with feeding them a chicken “soup” that is good for them.Chicken Soup for the Soul developed a line of wholesome pet food more than ten years ago—because we know that when you love your pet, every moment matters. We pride ourselves on being a family-owned and operated business that offers wholesome and balanced, super-premium pet food to health-conscious customers. Holistic in nature, both our dry and wet pet food products are made from only the finest ingredients: real meat as first ingredients, fruits, vegetables and herbs. With no added corn, wheat, soy, artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives, Chicken Soup for the Soul pet food promotes overall health and well-being for dogs and cats. And all our pet food products are proudly made in the USA!