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Like an ape dog mutt mixture That’s Chewie, Chewbacca’s long lost cousin.
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Gizmo and Chewbacca would thrive best in a home with children twelve years and older. Resident dogs are required to visit the boys prior to adoption. No cat test done.
A Magnificent Chewbacca dog costume from Star Wars
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Countless Star Wars dorks have taken to Twitter today to celebrate “,” so a slew of photos have been making the rounds in honor of the wildly special occasion. Though whatever creative shot they end up posting in the hopes of receiving widespread praise, nothing will compare to Chewbacca Dog. This is just awesome. So here’s the game we’re playing today, folks: If Chewbacca was a dog, what would his mix be?
Photo provided by FlickrHere’s 10 dogs that look just like chewbacca!
Photo provided by FlickrBrushing Your Dog To Make Him Look Like Chewbacca From StarWars
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This Chewbacca dog may not pull your arm out of its socket, but he will pull the dog treat right out of your hand and look super cute in the co-pilot’s seat on the Millenium Falcon.

This picture was posted by redditor whose friend dressed up this dog and entered him in a Star Wars costume contest at Petco. He won third place. Third place? There must have been an Ewok involved. That’s all I can think of. Take my advice Petco. Let the Wookiee win.According to a survey from , Chewbacca — Chewie for short — is one of the most popular pop culture dog names for the past year, with 10 percent more dogs being named after the character in 2015.Star Wars dog who looks like Chewbacca dog meets look alike puppet impersonator. Daniel introduces Chewbacca Star Wars dog to look alike puppet for the first time. Camera operators include Sean F., Michael G. and Daniel G. Voices by Daniel G. and Sean F. No dogs were harmed or injured in the making of this video.

Be sure to check out our other videos on our channel and subscribe and like us. The friendship between Han Solo and his copilot was born out of Lucas’s appreciation for his dog Indiana, who, like Chewbacca, was strong, brave, resilient, imposing, playful, and fiercely loyal. Even in appearance, Chewie started out rather dog-like, with perky ears, bright eyes, and even, at times, a drooping tongue.They say dog is man’s best friend. To George Lucas, his pet Indiana became much more—the inspiration behind one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars saga: Chewbacca. Well, you know what they say: inspiration comes in unexpected forms.

Among all the fun and fanfare of in Orlando, Star Wars creator dished offered up a few details about how came to be. Confirming a highly buzzed-about story, Lucas revealed that Han Solo's furry companion was, in fact, inspired by his own dog.

"The stories are all true," Lucas said. "I had a large dog named Indiana. A Malamute, an Alaskan Malamute, and he would ride around in the car, in the front seat. Not driving. I loved that image."

Lucas continued on, explaining that Alaskan Malamutes are hardly the kind of dogs that can curl up on your lap. Their hulking size and sweet hearts crafted the perfect basis for Chewie. "When he sat in the car, he was bigger than I was," Lucas remembered. "That's where I said, 'That would be a fun character for Star Wars.'"

Not only does Chewie have a link to Lucas' dog, he's also shares a connection with Indiana Jones. In The Last Crusade, fans learn from Henry Jones Sr. (Sean Connery) that his son (Harrison Ford) took on the alias of "Indiana" after his , one that just so happens to be a Malamute, too. It appears both characters were inspired by Indiana Lucas. It's all quite adorable, really.

Additionally, Lucas delved into his early vision for the Wookiees, and how he made Chewie a lead character. "Originally, the Wookiees were what the Ewoks became, which is they weren't technical at all, they were primitive," Lucas said. "But then, as I moved along, I realized I had to cut the Wookiees out of the end of the movie. I decided to save one and make him the co-pilot. That's really how we ended up with his starring role."

Though it may seem silly on the surface, a dog inspiring Chewbacca's creation makes a lot of sense. After all, 's bellowing buddy is just as loyal and expressive as man's best friend could ever be.

Fans can catch more announcements, reveals, and interviews during Star Wars Celebration all weekend long. Perhaps the most exciting reveal was the premiere of the for The Last Jedi.