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Hello my two dogs one is a chihuahua and the other is a Dotson mixed with fox terrier. I had a neighbor move out of my now old apartment and when they cleaned it we found out it that the place was severely infested with fleas I tryed everything while in the apartment I am now living in a duplex but I am still seeing fleas on my pets. I have never seen more than 4 or 5 on them at a time so I’m assuming I’m keeping slightly under control but the problem is summer is coming which might mean even more. I would love to get completely get rid of them for good. Things I have tryed in the apartment a flea bomb I have washed them once a week with flea shampoo and I have tryed kind of cheap spot on treatments which seem to do nothing (could be because my dogs won’t set still long enough to get it on the skin ) I am very clean person and have 3 adults in the house so vacuuming moping and those kind of things are done on regular basis. I don’t really have the money to keep spending on flea products plus my Dotson skin seems aggravated all ready so the natural way might be best. What would say I do. ? I have had dogs my whole life with no flea problems I have had these two dogs for 7 and 4 years with no problems so I’m extremely lost in what I should. What I have done was recommended by people at pet store…. please help and thanks for any advice you have to offer
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It's also much cheaper than the other two best flea and tick treatment for dogs that I've discussed. You can purchase a 32-ounce bottle of this spray for just $6.89 from . Of course, you're going to use more of this since you'll be spraying it all over your home. But, it's definitely more affordable than the other two options. Cheap Flea Treatment For Dogs‎
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Photo provided by FlickrInexpensive Dog Flea Treatment, How to treat your dog for fleas less expensively.
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