PetGuard offers USDA Certified Organic dog and cat food.

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Tender & True USDA Certified Organic Turkey & Liver Recipe Premium Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all stages of life. Except growth of large size dogs, 70 lbs or more as an adult.
Certified Organic Dog Food is an excellent choice of pet foods available today.
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Karma’s dog food line is made from 95% certified organic ingredients (with no wheat, soy or corn) and uses a unique processing technique that cooks the food at a gentle temperature to retain more nutrients than most other brands. While limited to just one variety of dog food, Karma Organic goes through over 100 quality assurance steps during the manufacturing process and features eco-friendly bags. Even dogs can eat food with certified, organic, non-GMO and sustainably produced ingredients.
Photo provided by FlickrIn fact, the ONLY dog foods regulated by the USDA are those manufactured in certified organic facilities.
Photo provided by FlickrWhat is Certified Organic Dog Food? Benefits and Reasons to Switching are: Increased health and longevity.
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Action being Taken - The Pet Food Institute, on behalf of both members and non-members, has organized an Organic Pet Food Task Force being chaired by Brian Connolly, co-founder of Castor & Pollux Pet Works, to petition the NOP to approve the inclusion of these essential ingredients to allow dog and cat owners to continue feeding certified organic pet food to their four-legged family members. Given the importance of this issue to pet parents and to organic pet food producers, ingredient suppliers, and organic certifying agencies, the Task Force has taken aggressive action in Washington, DC to garner support and ensure all aspects of this topic are understood to ensure organic pet foods remain on the shelf.About Petcurean – Petcurean is a family-owned Canadian company that creates premium-quality pet food recipes; , , GATHER and for dogs and cats (and cats and dogs). GO! provides solutions for your pet’s unique dietary needs; NOW FRESH is the only dry pet food to use 100% fresh meat and fresh omega oils; GATHER is crafted from certified and organic ingredients, sustainably produced; and SPIKE lets you reward your dog with treats made using all natural ingredients. Petcurean pet foods are sold exclusively through pet specialty retailers in Canada, the United States, and more than 20 countries internationally. At Petcurean, with every decision they make and every recipe they create, they put pets first. Please visit to learn more.Las Vegas, Nev., August 2, 2016 – With the knowledge that consumers are increasingly demanding sustainability, transparency and organic ingredients in their pet food, and scrutinizing more than ever for quality and safety, Petcurean today announced GATHER. GATHER is a new category of pet food crafted from certified, organic, non-GMO and sustainably produced ingredients. The recipes are perfectly blended and balanced to provide dogs and cats with premium quality, natural nutrition and are free from rendered ingredients.Organix dry dog food is made by Castor & Pollux and is certified organic by Oregon Tilth. It is completely grain free, made in the USA and advertises on the package that it is made in an organically certified kitchen.If you want a safe, high quality food that is USDA certified organic for your dog, you need to consider these best organic dry dog food brands!Organic dog foods are great if done right. The best organic dog food is, of course, prepared fresh at home. However, this may be challenging, given the time constraints of the modern world. Although USDA certified organic dog foods are a great choice, there are big differences in quality among the many available choices. Most of these differences stem from the quality of the ingredients used. Although no low-grade ingredients, such as byproducts or other indefinable ingredients, can be included in USDA certified organic dog foods, a number of important nutritional distinctions arise from manufacturers' choices of ingredients. Some of these distinctions are highlighted below.