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Q: Why does it take so long? Can you expedite?
A: These coats take time because each coat is custom-made based on your dog's measurements. The timeline is longer during our busy winter season, when we get 90% of our yearly orders. In order to be fair to all of our customers (and their chilly dogs!), we don't offer an expedite service at this time.
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The folks at make a variety of winter coats – all of which can be custom made to fit your dog – dachshunds included! I’m always a big fan of coats that have added protection under the belly, and these definitely do that! Read my full . You can check out these custom pet coats from on Etsy. Made in Canada high quality dog coats and fleece sweaters that fit all dog breeds.
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Q: Can you make a coat for a breed other than Whippets, Greyhounds, and Italian Greyhounds?
A: Absolutely! Since coats are made-to-order, they can be made to just about any size dog. Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Boxers, Vizslas, Dobermans, Weimeraners and Boston Terriers are just a few of the breeds that wear Blue Willow Coats. Just provide the measurements for your dog and include them on the .These handmade fleece coats from Lupo & Olimp are exceptionally soft and warm. They are by far the thickest and , and are great for layering on really cold days on the farm. The best part is they are handmade to fit your own dog! You can fetch them in a variety of colors from on Etsy.Q: What happens if the coat doesn't fit?
A: On rare occasions, a coat arrives and does not fit your dog well. Unfortunately, because of the high cost of materials and sewing work involved in creating your custom coat, we cannot offer a full refund for a coat that doesn't fit due to incorrect measurements. However, we want to work with you for a happy outcome that is fair for all concerned: My mom bought me the Foggy Mountain Coat (TrueFit Dog Coats) for xmas and I love it!! With all the snow we have had and below 0 temps it has kept me warm & dry. Also, it only takes her 10 sec to put it on because of the Velcro straps!!!
PS… Im a dachshund and my mom can NEVER find a coat that fits me from the local dog stores in the Chicagoland areaKevin Roberts lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. To say it gets cold there in the winter is an understatement. It’s called “Winterpeg” for a reason! And because Kevin knows cold, he understands the importance of dressing your dogs in the appropriate clothing when the mercury begins to fall. He put together what you need to know about winter coats and jackets for dogs before braving those bone-chilling temperatures. Winter dog coats come in many styles. Some have a full leg, others have a slit, while others have a wide opening for the leg to move in. A calm dog who is content with a slow and steady pace will be fine with a coat that covers his legs. An older dog who suffers from joint pain or may not tolerate putting the process of sliding his legs in each leg hole (it can take a lot of bending to get that coat over all the legs). And any day of the week, I always go with function over style.