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How quickly will the dog respond once the SENTRY® Calming Collar is placed on a dog’s neck?
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Remove the collar before shampooing your dog and replace it after the dog’s coat is dry. Do not use collar on dogs with skin lesions. SENTRY® Calming Collar for dogs is not a pharmaceutical product. FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY.

Sergeant’s® Vetscription® Calming Collar for dogs helps with the following stressful situations:
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are a popular solution to relieving your dog’s anxiety and preventing undesirable behavior such as inappropriate barking, biting or marking. DAP Collars use synthetic dog appeasing pheromones to calm dogs, using their natural physiology to induce a calming effect. Many users love DAP collars because they’re easy to use and highly effective; but, with any product, there is a chance that there will be undesired consequences to its use.

The DAP Collar has a wide variety of benefits- one of which is that it has . This can be a great comfort and make the collars a welcome alternative to drug regimens which carry more risk. The DAP Collar is generally safe for all dogs, with the exception of dogs who suffer from excessive skin lesions or open wounds that could be further irritated by the collar. Simply turn the Ultra Calmer on and place it on your dog’s collar before you leave the house.
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Photo provided by PexelsMy little dog would need the Calm Me Down collar (she is terrified of thunderstorms) and I like the Hot Pink fabric
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The Comfort Zone Calming Collar with Adaptil is a calming collar clinically proven to help lessen stressful reactions in puppies and dogs of all ages. It is an easy way to provide up to 4 weeks of continuous comfort to dogs in situations that may cause them stress such as moving, fireworks, thunderstorms, adjusting to new pets or a new baby in the home. When your dog wears the Comfort Zone Calming Collar with Adaptil , synthetic pheromones that mimic those naturally emitted by mother dogs are released. These "happy pheromones" will ease your dog's reaction to challenging situations and help reduce excessive pacing, barking and whining. The comforting, reassuring signal released by the Comfort Zone Calming Collar with Adaptil is not a sedative or tranquilizer, and actually helps increase focus during training.The Sentry Calming Collar mimics the pheromone that the mother dog produces to calm and reassure her puppies. Dogs recognize these pheromones throughout life and the collar works to mimic the natural way to help dogs cope with fearful situations.The Sentry Calming Collar is proven to effectively modify stress-related behavior dogs such as inappropriate marking, excessive marking and chewing when in fearful or stressful situations. The Sentry Calming Collar provides a convenient alternative to diffusers, which are limited for use in the confines of a designated room. The Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs can be used without long-term side effects.The Sentry Calming Collar helps dogs in fearful or stressful situations (separation anxiety, visitors, new puppies, loud noises, new baby, vet visits, traveling). The Sentry Calming Collar provides a convenient alternative to diffusers, which are limited for use in the confines of a designated room. The synthetic canine appeasing pheromone in Adaptil is effective for calming dogs during new experiences and challenging situations. This pheromone is clinically proven to provide reassurance to puppies and dogs of all ages. The Comfort Zone Calming Collar with Adaptil will help your dog feel safe and secure during new experiences, unknown environments and other stressful situations. Your dog's own body heat helps release the pheromone in the collar, therefore it must be worn as closely as is comfortable, allowing two fingers' width between the collar and your dog's neck. Mammals, and some insects, emit pheromones that affects behavior. When a mother dog gives birth, she releases a calming pheromone that calms herself and her puppies. Since a mother dog’s pheromones are so calming, a synthetic version was created. Pheromones can now be found in dog collars, room sprays and wall plug-ins ().