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Aug 23, 2012 - Start your dog on inexpensive brands, buy in bulk and avoid buying pet food online
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The bottom line: There’s a wide variation in prices of dog food, and many contain similar nutritional value. Buy in bulk, compare prices and avoid buying pet food online. And check the back of the package, or resources like , to make sure you’re getting the most nutritional bang for your buck.
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This approach of buying pet food in bulk will certainly work with dogs, cats, and possibly fish as well. My only real concerns would be possible spoilage and freshness problems. After contacting the manufacturer, my understanding now is that bird food is usually good up to a year and a half, but I'm not as familiar with the expiration dates of dog and cat food. Regardless, remember to store the bulk food in air tight, moisture free, plastic containers and place them in a dry area free of contamination by roaches or other bugs. Clean food makes pets happy and happy pets create happy owners! Buy dog food in bulk for dog lovers, breeders and small retail shops who would ..
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Photo provided by PexelsDo you have the need to buy dog food in bulk quantities of 24 bags or more at a time
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Does anyone know of a good online place where I can buy Purina Pro Plan Adult Large Breed Weight Management Chicken & Rice dry dog food online in bulk quantities? My pets go through a 40 lb bag too fast. I think I can get it cheaper if I buy in larger size. Thanks.

Nan C. from Cocoa Beach, FLIf you have a pet dog, buying bulk dog food and having a dog food coupon can be a blessing. These days, making the most of your money and finding ways on how to be thrifty is important. As you know, the economy in the country is not that great, which is why you need to utilize ways on how to save money and still benefit from good quality products.You can get a coupon for cheap dog food in bulk from newspapers and online. See to it that you use the coupon before it expires. Stores will obviously no longer honor your coupon if you present it after its expiration date. Also, you should ask the store if they accept coupons before you make a purchase.Another way on how you can save money is to buy dog food in bulk. You should shop around for great deals by consulting pet shops and warehouses. These stores usually have dog food bulk for sale as well as advertise sales.You can call the store personnel, check out their official websites, or read about their promos on newspaper advertisements. Buying dog food in bulk will let you save money since large bags generally cost less than smaller bags.Also, you will be able to stock on dog food and avoid frequent trips to the store. If you have a busy schedule, going to the store often just to buy dog food can be a hassle. It can also be a waste of time and gas. Hence, you should stock on dog food as much as possible.Also, having a stock of dog food is useful during emergencies. For instance, if the weather is unfavourable and you cannot go out of the house, your pet will not go hungry since you have sufficient supply of dog food at home. This is especially true if you live in an area that often receives a lot of rain, snow, or hurricanes.See to it that you take note of the expiration date on the bag of dog food. You should also consider the eating habits of your pet. Does it eat a little or a lot? You should know how much it can consume before the expiration date of the dog food comes. Typically, six months is enough for a large bag of dog food to last.As much as possible, you should buy the largest bag of dog food. You can have more savings when you buy larger bags. Some stores even offer discounts to customers who buy a certain number of bags. Likewise, you may buy a case. This is especially beneficial if you have two or more dogs at home.Of course, you should also buy a storage container. Keep in mind that leaving dog food in its original container or bag can expose it to moisture and vermin. Hence, you should keep it in an appropriate container to keep it fresh. Doing so will also save you the hassle of replenishing a large supply of dog food prematurely.Initially I considered buying bulk bird pellet sacks from my neighborhood pet stores but after browsing around I noticed that their selections were pretty limited as most mainstream brick and mortar stores catered to more popular animal breeds such as cats and dogs. Even dedicated bird stores seemed to not have in stock the bulk pallets that I wanted. Thankfully, there is much more one can find on the internet as the online selection is much more broad. After doing some price comparison shopping among the popular online pet stores, I finally settled on 's pet food selection. Although I didn't order enough to qualify, I did find a handy $10 off coupon for orders over $70 - just use coupon code SAVEJAN.Saving money buying bulk dog food is easy at Dollar General. Everyone wants to treat their pets well and we give you the ability to either visit a local store or order discount dog food online. When running low, a quick local stop will help you restock your bulk pet food supply right away, while ordering online is another option. Moving large bags of food can be a real hassle, so ordering online can be a quick easy and cost effective option when trying to save money. Let Dollar General do the work for you by delivering your next shipment of bulk dog food. You’ll be glad you did!