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How much would an English Bulldog Puppy Cost?
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Q: How much do purebred Frenchies cost?
The only type of dog I have had is a pug and I love pugs, but I also think that french bulldogs are adorable and I am thinking about getting one. I don’t want to get it from a puppy mill. I would like a private breeder that takes good care of their animals. If you have any info on french bulldogs I would love it.

i might be getting an English Bulldog puppy...how much would it cost?
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But again, I say, beware. If an online deal looks too good to be true it probably is. A properly bred and certified French Bulldog Puppy can cost $2,000 and upwards. If you’re offered one for $300 it’s probably a scam. If you do buy online, make sure you complete rigorous checks as to the authenticity of the dealer. How much does a Bulldog puppy cost? - Quora
Photo provided by FlickrHow much does a English Bulldog puppy cost
Photo provided by FlickrHow much does a French Bulldog puppy cost? - Quora
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Bulldog puppies can cost anywhere from $2000 to $4000 depending on their color and bloodlines of the parents. You want to look for champion blood because best of the breed is always a good place to start. Whether or not you plan to show or breed your puppy, you will still be getting a higher quality dog and a healthier bully if you look for champion lines. It might cost more in the beginning but it will be well worth it in the end when you save money on vet bills and have a bulldog that lives longer and is happier. Most of the high cost is because of the great expense and risk a good breeder goes to just to have a litter of pups. It’s literally a miracle when all goes well and everyone survives the experience.
English bulldogs are not technically the most attractive dogs, but many dog lovers cannot resist their stocky, wrinkly appearance. Despite their protruding teeth and under bite, they have a puppy-like face, and are usually mild-mannered, gentle dogs. Bulldog puppies can cost quite a bit of money if you buy from reputable breeders. If you've recently bred bulldogs, you will want to understand how to price them correctly, in order to present both fair and competitive prices to customers.Please be careful of low cost bulldogs that are advertised in the newspaper or online!!!! It's just not possible to sell them for low amounts without losing money so it's most likely an inferior dog or a SCAM. Never send money to an out of state breeder who offers a low cost bulldog. IF you get the puppy you'll most likely inherit health issues. It's not worth it to try and find a "deal" on a puppy. As in life you get what you pay for and a top quality dog is going to cost what it's worth. We recently had a potential customer email us with a sad story when she lost $2000 sending money to a breeder online. It ended up being a scam. This kind of thing happens, so please don't let it happen to YOU!!
How much does a English Bulldog puppy cost? Click the picture to find out - I think a better question is, How much is an English Bulldog worth, MILLIONS!Add up the money you have put into breeding and raising the bulldog puppies. Most bulldog breeders add the stud fee, veterinarian payments, and the cost of feed and supplies for the puppies into the final cost of the bulldog puppies. Since English bulldogs can't usually breed on their own, and usually require a cesarean section to birth the puppies, high vet bills can make for very high puppy prices.If you were, however, to decide to adopt a French Bulldog rescue from a shelter instead of buying a new French Bulldog puppy, then you’ll spend anywhere from 200$ to 800$ in adoption costs and fees.