Jumbo Inner Bull Horn - Best Bully Sticks

Real bully horns from free-range cattle make a durable chew for medium to aggressive chewing dogs
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In venues large and small, a bull was tethered to a stake by a rope 15 yards long attached to his horns. Each dog’s owner paid six pence to five shillings for a run at the bull. Bullots, dog owners and spectators placed wagers on particular dogs or the bull. When a dog was slipped, or released, it often lunged for the bull’s head, which was usually disastrous. A game dog knew better. It stealthily crept as close as possible before springing from below. An inexperienced bull would lower his head, intending to gore the dog, but instead the move gave the dog a perfect opening to attack.
Redbarn Pet Products's Peanut Butter Filled Cow Horns are a very durable, long lasting chew for dogs. We took the natural bull horn and gave it an upgrade.
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There's a whole bunch of things that MAY work on SOME dogs that are HALF-HEARTEDLY coming at you: air horns, water bottle, coins in an aluminum can, even pepper spray and mace. They'll stop some dogs if the dog isn't really serious.

But certain breeds of dogs, when they are SERIOUS about chasing you down and tearing into you - none of the above will work. Not even pepper spray which won't stop some breeds. To truly incapacitate a dog without killing it requires voltage. Police use stun guns on people, but that's a single-shot hit or miss and wouldn't be best on a charging dog. My advice if you're truly concerned or continually experience a dangerous dog is a police stun baton. They come in collapsable models. This is the recommendation of Animal Control which will carry them. The key is that it gives you a 3-foot buffer between you and the dog. It's also easy in that you don't have to swing it - just hold it out between you and the dog. Make sure the dog touches it before it touches you. Easy enough. I used to have one in a holster on the jogging stroller when the kids were babies.

Does it work? HALE YES! Just raising it up is the first defense (the dog sees a club). The second is to fire it and the sound is loud and distinctive. Last resort - the slightest touch for a fraction of a second is enough to make even the largest dog go limp and hit the ground. Hold the baton on the beast for 1 full second (don't need any more than that) and they'll be paralyzed for a good 5-10 minutes.

... And that's from personal experience with a pit bull mix. (Didn't know if the owner was more terrified that their dog got loose and attacked or if they thought he was dead in the street.) Like humans, doggie dental health is extremely important. On top of regular vet visits, it's important to give your pooch a healthy chewing experience to promote strong teeth and gums--and our Bull Horns can do just that. Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs and actually does quite a bit of good for his health.
Photo provided by FlickrInner Bull Horns are high in calcium and phosphorus for healthy bones. The bone interior of a bull horn is an excellent chew challenge for medium dogs.
Photo provided by FlickrBest Bully Sticks' Inner Bull Horn from free-range, grass-fed cattle is a great bone dog chew for dogs who love variety in their chew routine!
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Dogs in Metro parks: The campaign to open Metro natural areas to dogs is both uninformed and uninformative. The board has handed the bullhorn to angry dog owners, and that will surely create some pressure to change the policy, but it has failed to mention, in its abundant column inches devoted to this issue, a few important points.