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my dog devours his food so fast that ive actually had to heimlich maneuver him. scared me to death. ive been looking to get a bowl like this. ill prob get #3 but until then i actually just throw a tennis ball into his bowl with food and it slows him down a lot
Review of the Brake-Fast dog bowl. This bowl slows down dogs that eat too fast. Reduces the risk of Bloat.
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The first thing we noticed about the Whoa Buddy Bowl is that it definitely slows the dog down a bit, if you are dealing with a dog that usually eats at Mach 5, it’s not like you’re going to get them down to Mach 1. More like Mach 3 or maybe Mach 2. It’s going to trip thumb up, but not that much. It basically provides a minor inconvenience for them, and gets in the way of their snout so that they have to eat around the nubs. Dogs might not be rocket scientists, but it’s not like they’re going to be stumped on how to get to their food. Sep 9, 2016 - Rate this product. Munch Maze is a dog bowl that slows eating and helps control bad breath. Does it work? Read our Munch Maze review.
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Photo provided by Flickrwith an assortment of ailments related to their speed eating including:.
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While homemade feeding hacks are a great option, there are also some great options available for purchase as well. There are “slow-feeder bowls” available at most pet stores. This is great because it slows dogs down when their eating and is also interactive so it will provide mental stimulation and play for your dog as well. This cool is interactive, easily portable, an dishwasher safe! Finally, this “” can be used easily by adding it to any existing dog feeding bowl. It has a strong suction that helps it attach to your dog feeding bowl without worrying that your dog will be able to remove it. It creates just enough of a deterrent to slow your dog down while eating and prevent gobbling. By implementing any of these techniques or products, you can slow your dog down while eating for better and less aggressive behavior.The dome in the middle of this bowl keeps food to the sides of the bowl so your dog cannot take huge gulps. This bowl slows down eating for dogs that eat their food or drink their water too fast. Can be used for food or water. Durapet Bowls are made of heavy duty stainless steel with a permanently molded rubber ring on the base that prevents the bowl from sliding.One way to help prevent bloat issues to is train your dog to eat more slowly. Several products can help with the process, such as slow-feed bowls or slow-feed adaptors. , , and are just a few of the brands that offer slow-feeders. If you prefer not to buy new feeding dishes, you can opt for a slow-feed adaptor, which is placed inside your dog’s bowl. The is a bone-shaped adaptor that a dog has to eat around, which slows him down. Another adaptor is Omega Paw’s , a metal ball that is placed inside a bowl to limit the amount of food your dog can access at one time.This is a great bowl. Totally slows down a dog that can consume a bowl of food in less that 2 minutes and is easy to clean. It can travel a bit, so may need to find something to push it up against to stay in place. For a Golden Retriever that inhales food, this has resolved the problems of a dog eating way too fast.I just got this great slow feed dog bowl from Homdox. I love the vibrant colors I got the purple. It has a cool design with intricate swirls inside. The design of it is to slow down how fast your pets eat. The ridges make eating a puzzle for them and they take their time getting the pieces out to eat them. This will help to slow down how fast they eat as well as make them happier with a smaller amount of food. The bowl is made of a durable plastic material that is food grade and safe to use with pets. We got this on advise from our vet. One of our puppies was over eating and eating to quickly and making herself sick. With this bowl it slows her down, she has to take her time to get the food out and she has eaten less (not a lot less but less). She also hasn't gotten sick from eating to fast since we started using it. You can also use this with water too if you want. Great bowl! I received this item complimentary or at a reduced price for my honest review. However, I only recommend products I truly love and use to my readers.