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You may also find it helpful to know that we make rechargeable systems such as the Elite Big Dog Rechargeable Static Remote Trainer PDT00-13625 and the Yard and Park Rechargeable Static Remote Trainer PDT00-12470.
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Ready to tackle some new, long miles? Big Dog wants to help you accomplish those goals! The Big Dog Run/Walk Full & Half Marathon Training Program is here to help you run your best half marathon. It is designed for people who are currently running and are ready to jump from the 5k/10k world into the 13.1 mile world of the half marathon and 26.2 mile world of the full marathon. We will be training 3 days a week – Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:30 PM and Saturday mornings at 6 AM. We are targeting the Soldier Full & Half Marathon on November 12, 2016. Email Kena at for more information. Big Dog Static Remote Trainer by PetSafe - PDT00-13411
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Photo provided by FlickrElite Big Dog Static Remote Trainer by PetSafe - PDT00-13625
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Big Tail Waggin' Dog Training strongly believes that all dogs should be trained humanely, basically without ever feeling fear, intimidation, or pain. When we began in the mid-90s, reward-based training without the use of punishment was simply not available in Monmouth County. The motivation, driving force and initiating catalyst for the birth of Big Tail Waggin' Dog Training was to help owners learn how to train their dogs using systematic positive reinforcement and to make undergoing training the most positive experience possible for dogs. Jenn Garan Guerriero of Big City Dogs brings City Wise common sense training to both owners and dogs. Her training is based on the specific needs of each family and their dog. A country upbringing gave her a love of animals and dogs especially - a love that has been carried over now into her city life. With extensive experience of the city and life in urban environments, Jenn brings a strong foundation of comprehensive approaches matched with experience and learning from the University of City Life to help owners and their dogs to enjoy the very best of living together. City living often means that dogs and owners have to be creative to enjoy the magic of the city. Jenn brings her own creativity to her training and behavior changing approaches to develop the life both owners and their dogs will enjoy. Northfield Dog Training offers weekly dog training classes at our southwest Ann Arbor facilities. Our instructors, dog trainers who have all been teaching dog training classes for a minimum of 10 years, have a combined 85+ years of experience. Our big building was custom built for dog training activities and has the best cushioned floor in the area. We have a large variety of breeds training with us, including many mixed breeds.Most dogs respond best to positive reinforcement training methods only. Gentle giants are extremely sensitive creatures and it is very easy to break their spirit through the use of negative correction or improper training tools such as choke, prong, or shock collars. Big Dogs Huge Paws supports use of treats, praise, and redirection of unwanted behaviors in order to aid in teaching your giant breed dog to become a good canine citizen. A Gentle Leader is also an extremely valuable training tool which helps with controlling pulling on leash as well as establishing that you, as the handler, are the leader. Learning how to be a strong leader for your dog will be key in building a successful and long-lasting relationship! Your big dog holds a big spot in your heart, but even small issues can create a larger problem. If your relaxing jogs turn into chasing your dog down the street and he starts jumping on his new friends, these are behaviors you probably want corrected. The PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer is the perfect solution to help you have a well-trained big dog, by using a tone or gentle static interruption. With the touch of a button, this battery-powered system allows you the freedom of off-leash training for up to 100 yards. The sleek, waterproof collar emits a mild static correction with up to 16 different correction levels, plus an added +2 boost option that is easy to operate from the handheld transmitter.

Are you ready to start a running program? We are here to help! At Big Dog Running Company we offer a safe, welcoming environment for you to improve fitness, make friends, and have fun. Our Porch Dog to Big Dog Program will successfully guide you through a 10 week structured running program which includes welcoming coaches, weekly group training sessions, a running training plan, weekly health topics and informational newsletters to keep you on track. We will also offer you the opportunity to weigh in with us weekly. Email Carolee at for more information.