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Those are so cute! We always had big, furry dogs, and they definitely didn’t need coats!
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I have a lab/husky/something mix that is extemely tall/long and extremely lean/narrow with a very DEEP rib cage, finding coats for him feels like im trying to find a coat for a grey hound!! all coats seem to slide all over the place and most time it ends up sideways on him… Another problem I’m finding is that he has a curly tail so if I buy bigger and sew it myself to fit his deep ribs and tiny waist, they are to long for his back and his tail pushes them sideways also… It’s just a mess! I’ve had to buy jackets, raincoats and sweaters and then take them home and do my own alterations to them… do you know of any brands made for dogs like him? Maybe designed specifically for greyhounds, great Danes, and those types of bodies? He weighs 55lbs…
Our big dog coats are warm and comfortable on those cold wintry days. Our large dog coats are made to last with high quality materials.
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A jacket may seem superfluous for your big, hairy dog and it probably is. Nature has prepared some breeds for even über-cold weather with their own ample coats of insulating hair: the Siberian Husky, the Malamute, the Saint Bernard, and the German Shepherd are examples. If you have one of these or a dog of its ilk, and he’s young and healthy and possesses a beautiful coat, he does not need a . Runner Dog Coat, big dog coats
Photo provided by FlickrOur big dog coats will keep your large warm on those cold wintry days.
Photo provided by FlickrLarge dog coats for big dogs; also jackets and sweaters in many colors and patterns.
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Dog Stuff... Super cute large dog coats like this make me smile so big. Just goes to show you that little dogs don't have ALL the fun. Who can resist a big ol'puppy in a dog sweater?Since it’s 5 degrees out, I figured this might be a good time to talk dog coats. If you have dogs that are shaped like triangles, like I do, it can be hard to find coats that fit them. Both of my dogs are very broad in the chest but have narrow waists and I had to try a million coats before I found ones that were big enough up front, without being super long and huge all over.We offer a large choice of sizes on all coats, to ensure the best fit and protection, including BIG DOGS. All our coats have chest protectors, and an adjustable belt for a snug fit.