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Unfortunately about 8% of Dalmatian pups are born bilaterally deaf (deaf in both ears). Deaf pups do not normally make good pets. While some people have owned deaf dogs, the majority of people we have talked with said they would NEVER do it again. Another 22% of Dalmatian pups are born unilaterally deaf (meaning they hear in only one ear). Unilaterally hearing pups or unis as we call them, make wonderful pets but we do not believe they should be bred. Unis can hear but their directional hearing is compromised. Indoors most unis can compensate for the their lack of directional hearing because sound waves bounce off the walls of your home. Outdoors, in big open areas, they can hear the sound of your voice calling them, but would not be able to distinguish where the sound is coming from. By waving your arms when calling a uni outdoors, this problem is solved. Most people who own unis would not even know their dog had a hearing problem if the breeder had not told them! This is why hearing testing is so important in Dalmatians. Sometimes a uni can fool even the most experience breeder.
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A patch
A Dalmatian puppy is born completely white. But in some puppies, a big spot can already be seen at birth. This is usually located at the head and covers and ear and sometimes a part of the head. This is the so-called patch.
Some puppies are born with a patch somewhere else on their body. If the spot is located around their eye, we call this a monocle.
A patch is an external beauty mistake. These puppies are just as healthy and naughty as their brothers and sisters in the litter. Puppy buyers, but also children, usually love a doggy with a patch and think it looks funny, and these dogs are often the first dogs that are purchased from the litter. With our kennel, these dogs get an official pedigree.
There are current discussions about whether it should be allowed to breed with these Dalmatian dogs within the breed clubs.
This is allowed in the German breed club we’re a part of. In the Netherlands it is however not yet allowed to breed with these dogs within the breed club.The first ever RSPCA Big Walkies was held at Alexandra Palace in London on Sunday 31st May 2015. Despite the occasional rain showers, many people turned out with their dogs to walk the 3k or 5k course through the Palace grounds. Max had great fun meeting lots of dogs, including this young male Dalmatian, both smart in their Big Walkies bandanas, completely unaware they were helping to raise funds for the excellent work the RSPCA do to help animals.
Meet Sam, a Petfinder adoptable Dalmatian Dog | Las Cruces, NM | A big, active youngster, Sam is handsome, too, with a black and white coat and one dark eye, one...I hope you did indeed adopt this pitmation! I am the owner of two pitmations(Biggs and Pertie) and there are truly wonderful! They are extremely affectionate(big lap dogs! lol), great watch dogs, great companions for walks and jogging, very very smart and very very sneaky! lol.
Of course, no breed(whether pure bred or mixed) is absolutely perfect, so there are some things you should do to help avoid some bad behavior.
I highly suggest that your Pitmation be socialized with other dogs since they can become quite animal aggressive. Pitmations are very intelligent and can be trained fairly easily if you are firm and consistent. They get bored easily so a daily walk and/or other mental stimulation is very much recommended.
Considering their breed combination, there are some health problems that you may want to look out for. For example, Pertie has epilepsy. Dalmations are somewhat prone to this disease, so it may occur in your Pitmation.
Please contact me for any other questions! =)