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At Anita's Wags to Riches you will receive a one-on-one hands-on training in our pet grooming program at our East Brunswick, New Jersey salon. With ten years grooming experience along with ten years experience running her own grooming salon, Anita will show you all techniques needed to become a qualified and successful dog groomer. You do not get this hands-on experience from online or distance learning grooming schools. There is no substitute for working with real dogs while having an experienced trainer to guide you.
Customer service skills are extremely important for those hoping to become successful dog groomers.
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If you opt to become a dog groomer in Missouri, you should be prepared to make a lower yearly salary than in states nearby. Unfortunately, salaries tend to skew lower in this state. A potential groomer can possibly make between $25,000 to $40,000. The amount you make will depend on how long you have been working and where you choose to gain employment. A groomer working for a chain store will likely earn less than someone at a boutique location. If you follow these steps, learning how to become a dog groomer should be a breeze!
Photo provided by FlickrHow to Become a Dog Groomer | Top Dog Tips
Photo provided by FlickrThink you might be interested in becoming a Dog Groomer? Here are your next steps.
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You've graduated from grooming school, at either our PetSmart Grooming Academy or another trade school. Now you get to put your new skills into practice. You'll hone your craft across all breeds of dogs. As you keep pets looking and feeling their best, you'll build your clientele and create a full book of business. Under the supervision of an experienced groomer, you'll get the experience needed to become a master groomer.The completion of ABC’s Dog Grooming Instruction Program provides you with the knowledge and skills to become an ABC Certified Pet Groomer (ABCPG). The curriculum includes more than 900 pages of written material, a 40-piece professional grooming toolkit, over 100 instructional videos and hands-on training.Dog groomers play a vital role in maintaining the fine appearance of dogs as well as promoting dog health. Grooming services include bathing a dog, trimming fur, and clipping nails. A dog groomer also identifies potential health problems such as infections and tooth decay. To become a professional dog groomer in Kentucky, you need to take the steps outlined below.The road to becoming dog groomer may seem complicated at first, but if you follow this step by step guide you will find out that the process is relatively simple. First of all, what makes you want to be a dog groomer? If you find that you are wishing you could spend your days with a dog, then you might be heading in the right direction career wise. Check out the following instructions and you will be a dog groomer in no time!If you are looking for a rewarding career while working with animals, becoming a Dog Groomer in West Virginia may be a perfect fit. With the ever growing amount of home pets and animals in need, this career shows a stable future. Find out more information below, about what is to be expected for those looking to become a Dog Groomer in West Virginia.In order to become a groomer in West Virginia, a person must possess a high school diploma or the equivalent of one. Further specialized education is not necessary, although it does impact employment opportunities and salary potential, especially starting out. Those who opt to attend a training program in the area should expect the course to take anywhere between two to 18 weeks. During the time of the course, students will learn proper techniques to trim and shape both short-haired and long-haired dogs. Depending on the course, the pupil may learn the specifics of each breed in order to recommend and use products that take care of the special needs of each breed. The course teaches individuals how to cut nails safely and effectively. It also teaches pupils how to clean the pet’s ears and the proper handling of animals. Learning how to treat and respect animals affects the pet and owner’s experience tremendously. Some schools teach students how to perform CPR in the event something unfortunate happens to the pet while at the groomers. One school in West Virginia educates groomers on pet psychology. Groomers in WV may acquire certification through the National Dog Grooming Association of America.