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Summer Fair Bath Cats and Dogs Home: 'Sorry: No Dogs' Organised by the cats?
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Caption: "Here are my two boys...Tigger the cat and Shortie the dog who I adopted from Bath Cats and Dogs Home 5 months ago....they are so loving and get on well together....Tigger even comes for walks with us sometimes :-) "
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My pets are brushed and checked for ticks every day, but they are all very active and need regular bathing as well - every couple weeks for the dogs, and about once a month for my cats. Yesterday was bath time for my pair of calico Persians and my French Bulldogs. I love to do this task myself when I am home, but since I was traveling, Carlos and Enma were happy to do the job. The most important tips to remember - go slowly, use lukewarm water and only mild pet shampoos, and if using a blow dryer, always position it to the lowest heat setting to prevent skin burns and irritations. Bath Cats &Dogs Home Retweeted katie ponsford
Photo provided by PexelsPress play to watch our little video below to see some of the animals and events of 2015 at Bath Cats & Dogs Home.
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As part of the Pride in Bath Awards, BMI Bath Clinic are delighted to be working together with The Bath Chronicle to launch Cash for your Community -- a community competition open to ALL groups, projects, schools and organisations across Bath & Somerset.

EVERY SHORTLISTED GROUP WILL WIN AT LEAST £100 -- but each has the opportunity to win up to £5,000 with the help of its community.

Bath Cats and Dogs Home is based at Claverton Down and is one of the largest re-homing centres in the UK. Each year the shelter looks more than 2,500 cats, dogs, and small animals, and aims to find them all a new, loving home no matter how long it may take.

The home wants to use its share of the money to provide emergency veterinary care to injured and unwanted animals.Bath Cats and Dogs Home is an affiliated branch of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and is one of the largest re-homing centres in the UK. Over 2,500 animals are sheltered, cared for and re-homed every year by the organization, which is based on the edge of the city of Bath.