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There are times when my family and I have to go on trip or journeys and we just couldn't bring our cherished dogs along. We need to leave them alone at home and we know that they will certainly eat all the food we leave for them early and starving for the later period. This is not ideal.

I have found this fascinating item that will certainly help us in this situation, the Oxgord Large Programmable Animal Pet dog Feline Automatic Feeder Timer Dry Food Dispenser. This Dry Food Dispenser has Programmable Part Size and Feeding Time for our pet dogs, thus preventing overfeeding and guarantee they are well fed at all time. It is also equipped with Sensing unit that Avoids Feeding Tray Overloading. It has 45 Cup Capacity and hence able to utilize it for a couple of days. It is also Easy to Dismantle and Clean.
The Automatic Dog Feeder with Timer is an excellent feeding device to support in your busy lifestyle. Like for instance you are getting ready for work and..
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This cat food dispenser provides incredible convenience and ease of use. It is one of the cheapest automatic cat feeders on this list and despite its name; it can also be used for puppies and small dogs. It comes with a two compartment design with an ice pack at the base. Each of the compartments can hold up to 45 grams of food and can open separately based on the timer settings. The ice pack ensures that your cat’s food stays fresh for as long as possible, and it has a 48-hour timer that runs on its own battery. The bowls are easily removable for dishwashing, and the overall product has a robust design that’s sure to feed your cat for a long time. 74 Results - Automatic Pet Feeder for Cat Dog 5.5L LCD Display Electric Dry Food Dispenser Dish Bowl 1-3 Meal/Day with Timer Voice Recording
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This is an update to my original automatic dog feeder that is here:

I decided to completely rebuild the dog feeder. My old one has worked great the last year, however because of the small hole the food was hard to fill and the drum was small so the food portions would only last a few days. The Lego RCX requires outdated software in order to program, so I decided to build something simpler to use.

My new design is build out of 1/2 inch plywood. The box holds the food and it it is dispensed using a 1 inch auger bit. A 12 volt DC 5rpm gearmotor is connected to the auger bit with a special coupler. The motor is connected to a 12V DC adapter which is plugged into a digital timer. The timer is programmed to feed our dog Snowball twice a day. This timer is really easy to program and is much more versitile than the Lego Mindstorms. The large food hopper makes it easy to fill, and it can store enough food for 2 weeks or more.

This motor is a Amico brand gearmotor and has 31kg-cm of torque. Originally I build the hole just as big as the auger bit, however this motor was really straining and grinding up all the food. When I enlarged the food hole by a 1/4 inch, the straining almost disappeared and whole food pieces were coming out. There is still some slight straining as you will hear in the video, however I have not had any jams yet because the motor is strong enough to push the food through. My lego motor definately would not have been strong enough. My adapter has the ability to put out different voltages, so I can adjust the amount of food coming out by giving the motor less volts, or I can increase the run time on the timer. This is good because I made need to adjust the food coming out if I have larger or smaller kibble.Automatic dog feeders with timers have an added advantage. Unlike the ones without timers, where the dog can eat as much as he wants, in automatic timer dog feeders, you can control everything. This is, therefore, a much responsible option.​The Petsafe 2 Meal automatic dog feeder allows users to program two feedings during a period of 48 hours. It features two separate trays with separate timers that pop open at feeding time. Each tray holds up to 1.5 cups of food, and users can store both wet and dry food in the compartments. The feeder also features an ice compartment to keep wet food cool. The Petsafe 2 Meal feeder only requires one to function and is dishwasher safe.IOT Smart pet feeder Automatic dog feeder Automatic cat feeder Cat feeder with timer Timed dog feeder Feeders for dogs Pet food feeder Feed on vacation