GoDogGo Automatic Dog Ball Thrower

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Cost. The is generally more affordable than the . Either way, it’s a significant investment, but in our experience, the price is worth it, because you’re getting an automatic ball thrower for dogs that you can use for years to come.
Let's take a look at five of the best- semi-automatic dog ball launchers.
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As the Thompson family was building their home in 1999, they found it difficult to keep their ball obsessed Lab Hershey entertained. Hershey demanded that something be constantly thrown while she stood in front of a moving excavator. Every rock became a game of fetch & a nuisance to her owners! After relentless hours chasing Hershey from the front of the excavator, Ron acted upon a flip remark about inventing a machine to take care of that dog! He searched for a product & hoped to find an automatic ball launcher that was dog friendly and safe for dogs. Ron found non-automatic ball launchers and manual ball thrower toys, but nothing that allowed a dog to interact with a machine for continuous, independent play. Being a product designer, Ron set out to invent a ball launching fetch machine designed specifically for dogs. And so the idea of GoDogGo® Remote Fetch Machine was born & Hershey no longer risks her life in front of heavy machinery - - necessity is indeed the mother of invention! Automatic Dog Ball Thrower! Genius!
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First up is the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher. The PetSafe automatic ball launcher for dogs is a great toy that plays fetch with your dog. The interactive feature is great for training as well as exercising your pets, and they will love it.Of these top five dog throwers, my top pick for personal favorite is going to be the PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher. Of the five, this one offers the most options in distance settings as well as angle settings, but the major selling feature for the PetSafe is the safety features that come standard on the machine.The machine shoots the balls out one at a time and your dog can fetch the ball and put it right back into the hole for automatic, interactive play as long as he would like. The SereneLife dog toy comes with three mini tennis balls and the projection distance is adjustable, depending on where you choose to play. Smaller dogs are comfortable with the short-range throw, while larger, stronger dogs have a lot more fun with the farther reaching launch.Defective GoDogGo® RemoteFetch Ball Thrower:
If a unit was shipped to the United States or Canada and is the GoDogGo® Automatic Tennis Ball Launcher is defective within the 6-month warranty period, we will send repair parts or a new unit to the original purchaser upon determination the unit is defective. The spring, micro switches, and kicking mechanism can easily be replaced if needed.Go Dog Go G4 & JUNIOR Fetch Machine - The World’s Original Automatic Ball Launcher for Dogs. GoDogGo is the World’s First Fetch Machine & Original, Award-Winning Automatic Dog Ball Thrower. Designed specifically for dogs to allow for various forms of independent fetch or owner-controlled play with remote when desired. On demand Fetch Machine works with various balls sizes, styles & brands of dog fetch balls.• Doggy Fun 5 Smooth Ball Replacement Pack - for all Doggy Fun Automatic dog ball throwers
• Pack of 5 mini smooth balls (1.5") - Smaller than standard …