Apartment dogs come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Since small dogs take up less space, many apartment dwellers prefer the smaller dog breeds.
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PUG (small): This small, adorable breed is particularly popular amongst city dwellers and has an excellent disposition. Highly loyal and companion-oriented, look for this little munchkin to be glued to your side, following you around the apartment or napping quietly on the couch. One of the brachycephalic breeds, those with short snouts and squashed faces, they usually don’t bark much but are known to snore, prone to panting and need air conditioning in warmer climates during the summer months. Overall, the small pug is one of the best apartment dogs ever!
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeens do well in apartments and with other dogs.
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For people who are looking to add a dog to the family, but feel constrained as a result of apartment living and don’t know where to start, stress no more. We at CertaPet set out to help those in the market for a pup by narrowing down a list of dog breeds that fit seamlessly in with the apartment lifestyle. Apartment dwellers have lots breeds to choose from when selecting a dog. The size of your living space isn’t the only consideration: some larger dogs are low energy, content to lounge on the sofa. And some small dogs with high energy are happy with indoor playtime or a brisk walk. Think of your neighbors, too. You’ll want a dog that doesn’t bark incessantly and is polite when meeting other people, in the elevator, on the stairs or in the lobby. All this makes it very important to do research before choosing dogs for apartments This low energy dog is great for apartments. He gets along with other dogs.
Photo provided by FlickrPugs don't need a lot of room to run and they love to cuddle. They are perfect apartment dogs.
Photo provided by FlickrBecause, small dogs are better for apartment living.
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There are lots of good apartment pets, but which are the top apartment dogs? Do you think chihuahuas are the greatest apartment dogs or are yorkies the best dogs for small spaces? When it comes to dog choices for small spaces, there are a lot of adorable puppies and cute dogs to choose from, but it's important to consider what dog is best for you and your living situation and whether your apartment is right for a pet.Pet owners often worry whether they can adopt a dog when living in an apartment. Fortunately, that’s totally fine. There are even the best apartment dogs to fit that lifestyle better.What are the best apartment dogs? What dog should you get for an apartment? What dogs do well in small spaces? What are some good apartment dogs? This list of apartment dog breeds, voted on by users like you who know and love dogs, is the place to go to answer the question of "what is the best apartment dog"? While no two dogs are alike, these are the dogs that do well in small spaces like apartments while being equally good company for their humans. If there's a great apartment dog you don't see on the list, feel free to add it.Likewise, large dog breeds do not need a big house to feel comfortable. Certain giant breed dogs are known to be great apartment dogs, as you’ll see in the list below.Below we will a total of 21 best apartment dogs that you can look into adopting. But before that, there’s something you need to know about apartment dogs.With the help of a dedicated community of dog owners, we have come up with an ultimate list of best apartment dogs. This apartment appropriate dogs list is in no particular order, so neither dog is more suitable than the other in most cases.