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Make sure you check out the reviews before you spend any money on buying anti dog barking device.
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Dog Silencer detects barking up to 75 feet away and emits ultrasonic sound to curb annoying barking. The Dog Silencer™ is weatherproof and one of the only anti-barking devices on the market to include a remote control.
Our list of top best anti dog barking device will help to make good decision.
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Of course, the device itself isn’t enough to stop your dog from barking. It requires time, patience and a bit of training. It is meant as a bark deterrent rather than a bark stopper. The Premier Treat & Train Remote Reward Dog Trainer can be used for teaching your dog other things as well such as agility and obedience. It comes with a DVD that can help you learn how to use the tool to get the desired behavior from your dog.Although I don’t normally recommend using a shock collar for your dog, the really stood out as something that is effective and will not harm your dog. Of course, you should be very careful with all shock collars but this is an anti-bark system that claims to not harm your pet. Leave a comment, feedback and review below for anti dog barking device
Photo provided by FlickrAnti Dog Barking Device | Small Dog Bark Collar 4, 5, 6, 7, 8lb | Buy Now on Amazon
Photo provided by FlickrAnti Dog Barking Device | Small Dog Bark Collar 4, 5, 6, 7, 8lbs | Buy Now on Amazon
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We have selected only the best in Anti Dog Barking Devices. Whether you are trying to stop your own dog from barking or stop your neighbors dog from barking we have a solution for you!This seems like a no brainer but if your like me an think I can do anything without looking at the manual. Then you could find yourself in a lil bother. I think even if your not a avid manual reader it’s a must with anti-barking devices because you want to fit them correctly and quickly to avoid agitating your dog.This also isn’t obvious a 50ft stationary ultrasonic anti-barking device may not in fact reach 10ft ahead around the corner of a a building or through thick bushes. I am sure many of you read 50ft look outside and think 50ft thats enough without considering the surrounding. This should also be through of when using these devices on your neighbors’ dogs.A lot of anti-barking devices have settings that you can choose from. For example a shock collar may have setting 1 to 3 let’s say. If you just bought the device (even if your dog is a real terror) resist the temptation for a quick fix and setting the device to full. This can lead to excessive punishing and punishment of your dog straight away. You don’t want your dog to be afraid of barking after all. We just want to cut out the nuisance and excessive barking.This is not a obvious thought process for owners. The invisible fence itself is a shock device and if you are using a anti-barking device that also creates a shock to your dog. You can quickly see how this could be confused by your dog. It won’t know if it’s the bark that gets it shocked or moving out of the fence. So I strongly suggest not using shock devices with the invisible fence instead to use citronella or ultrasonic devices.First to tell you about how these devices work let’s tell you about dogs themselves. A dogs nose is structured differently then a humans and gives it a sense of smell that is thousands of times better then a humans. How is it different ? A dogs nose has about two hundred million of olfactory receptors. A olfactory receptor allows you to sense and identify even the more minute odor molecules. A dog has 25 times more then a human. So with this it should be obvious that a dog has a smell that is far far more sensitive then a humans. Now what does this mean about this device I bet you wonder. Well the citronella spray that is used in these anti-barking collars are designed to be unpleasant to these super sensitive noses. They don’t harm or irritate the nose it’s just a foul smell. This will quickly show your dog that barking is not the right thing to do and will result in a nasty smell. How quickly do these devices work ? They can be extremely fast or they can take a few weeks but usually you will notice a difference fairly quickly.