GET A DOG cheats for Animal Crossing: Wild World on DS

Animal crossing wild world ds: how to get a dog I really l.
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Answer from: kayla
U can only get a dog on animal crossing wild world not on new leaf. U need to be mayor and to help your town i no u cant get a dog on new leaf because i once asked the same question to someone else and they told me and i did that but it was a lie i dident get a dog ;(
Can you get a dog on animal crossing wild world? - Super Cheats
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Dont let he/she come to your town because they could action replay your town, they could ask you to go into you house and they could put a town hall in front of your door so you cant get back out, or they could say could you please save because i just bought a hat from Mable Sisters or something, then if you do save and they have action replayed your town it will stay like that forever,unless you make a new town but if you had a perfect town before it will take ages to recover it. Don't trust people you don't know. Hope this helped, by the way IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A DOG ON ANIMAL CROSSING WILD WORLD!!! For Animal Crossing: Wild World on the DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled
Photo provided by FlickrU can only get a dog on animal crossing wild world not on new leaf.
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ummmm kayy well me nd my cousin own this like lawn company for acww (yeahh caues were cool like dat B) yeahh but anywayss so idt yuu can get a dogg but yeah im trying to find a dog housee so yupp. o is thye doggie for Animal crossing wild world??