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Thank you, everyone for answering my post. To be honest with you, I never really researched dog foods until he ended up with Pancreatitis. We have always had poodles and none of them ever had issues until Milo. It was when the Pancreatitis happened, that I found this site and began to truly research dog foods. I agree with you magnoliasouth that Natures Recipe is not the best food. I really do not feel right feeding him something I can not eat and is not the best after educating myself on what is truly in pet foods. Truly, I do not know what caused the attack, I am just going by what the vet said, that pig ears are high in fat. Milo had only eaten his grain free dog food, grain free treats and a pig ear before his attack. My neighbors were aware of his allergies and I have again made it clear that he is to have nothing to eat. The vet said that it would be hard to determine exactly what caused the attack, they are just speculating the pig ear is the cause of it. As for the Royal Canin, i stopped it within about 2 days of purchasing the case of it from the vet. I now realize that the vet promotes that junk.
A few years ago he was diagnosed with Wheat Allergies and our vet at the time recommended Natures Recipe Grain Free Dry Dog Food.
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Nice article on . Gave me food for thought (no pun intended!) onalleviating itchy skin in dog. I too am a great fan of Blue Buffalo products, particularly their Freedom Grain-Free Chicken Recipe. Homemade Hypoallergenic Dog Food - Pets
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Homemade Salmon Dog Food Recipe - I have to try a allergy free dog food for my "Max". He is a picky eater and surprised me by loving the salmon potato canned food. So I am searching for some good recipes I can make for him looks like our diets may be similar. haha ;)There is no thing as an allergy free dog food but there are dog foods and recipes that make it less likely that your dog will suffer an allergic reaction. Dogs normally develop allergies to specific dog foods over a long period of time. An allergic reaction to a dog food can occur from the age of five months old into old age. However, the most common age for allergies to develop is between the age of two years of age up to six years of age. As there are so many allergy free dog food recipes currently on the market it is always best to speak to your Vet first as they will have a good idea which is the best. This type of allergy free dog food has been proven to be so successful that in a recent trial nearly every dog that ate hydrolysed dog food did not have an allergic reaction. Making your own allergy free dog food is another way to prevent your pooch from developing a reaction basically because you are in control of what you put in the recipe. This review is for the flavor which is a grain free, limited ingredient dry dog food that uses duck as its single source of unique animal protein. Since duck is rarely used in dog foods, it is less likely to trigger allergic reactions. Animal lovers will be pleased to hear that this dry dog food recipe uses only cage-free Canadian duck, with a balance of 50% duck ingredients and 50% healthy fruits and vegetables. This is what you would expect to see rom such a reputable company which prides itself on using quality and fresh ingredients. 5. Some of the best allergy free dog food recipes will contain Novel Protein sources like Duck, Wild Boar, Venison – although this is not considered a completely allergy free dog food its better than a recipe that contains Beef, Chicken, Eggs etc. Some people think that recipes that only contain Lamb and Rice are an allergy free dog food – this is not the case.