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There is a clear link between anger, anxiety, and fear-based aggressive behavior. This has recently been demonstrated by Dr. Karen Overall of the Center for Neurobiology and Behavior at the University of Pennsylvania, who found that dogs with a history of aggression problems have levels of neurotransmitters and stress hormones similar to those of dogs that suffer from fear and anxiety. When a dog aggresses, he surpasses his stress threshold, causing his limbic system (the emotional brain) to take over as he prepares for flight or fight. When this occurs, the cerebral cortex (the learning brain) is inhibited, explaining why it is so hard to get a dog’s attention and encourage him to learn when he is reacting, as he is at that moment incapable of rational thought. To overcome this situation, a punitive trainer would try to suppress the aggressive outburst with punishment, whereas a positive trainer would immediately remove the dog from the stressor by quickly walking him away or creating some distraction to cut through the reaction. Only when the dog is in a calmer state can he begin to learn again. Achieving this requires sensitive, compassionate handling and the manipulation of his environment to set him up for success while working on ways to change the way he feels about a particular stressor.
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Aggression is not a natural state of mind for a dog, so it is a correctable behavior. This is another issue we love working through because dogs are so much happier once they are free from this burden. Learn more about our dog aggression training!The Dog Wizard is a top-tier dog training school in Fort Collins offering classes, programs and in-home visits to help you enjoy your time with your dogs. We have obedience training, aggression and behavior modification training, new puppy classes and group socialization. We are passionate about what we do and who we do it for – both animals and humans. Because of this, we have become Fort Collins's choice for dog training. Contact us today for more information! .Many pet owners can benefit from aggressive dog training. Houston area residents can count on Sit Means Sit Houston Dog Training for fast, effective help. Even if it takes several sessions, we are here to help you manage your dog’s hostility. Please call our office in Houston, Tx to learn more about what we can do for you and your dog.Hey guys, my name is Tony, head trainer here at The Good Dog. I started my dog training career in 1977, attending the Moorpark College for Exotic Animal Training, and for the following 10 years I trained dogs and a myriad of other animals for film and television. I worked exclusively for Walt Disney Productions, Columbia TriStar, Paramount Pictures, and Universal Pictures, with work on popular TV shows Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, The Bionic Woman; and movies such as the original ANNIE, and Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell. I took a hiatus from dog training to raise my family and build a family business, and I met Sean when I was struggling to turn the corner with my dog-aggressive Rottweiler, Astro…and the rest is history! Astro is awesome and balanced, and I have been working with Sean and The Good Dog crew ever since. I am happy to be changing lives, one dog at a time.